Feeling extremely good today because I did 3km and climbed the stairs home (17 storeys, no joke!!) with @jongsy last night.

ANDDD managed to wake up this morning for pilates class.


Figured I might as well wake up early and do something productive since the neighbours upstairs are doing construction work and I wouldn't be able to get more sleep anyways. Hahaha.

Now that my kneecaps are fully healed, no more excuses for laziness. Heh. 😔

And yay we're approaching our LAST launch before CNY!

Finally final launch.


We've been keeping some of the best pieces for the last and I really love what's coming up on Wednesday! Thought about doing another launch this coming weekend but that would probably be too tricky because the delivery time frame is going to be one helluva tight.

Fluffy tulle skirt up for grabs tomorrow!

Kept all the colours despite my mum's protests (because she keeps saying 那个裙很pong叻占很多位很难洗还收那么多件) hahahah.

Wore the White and not the Ashen Lilac because I want to wear it for CNYYYYY.


We got the factory to work on the zips this time round because our last tulle skirt was slightly prone to getting caught by the zip.

We also picked a material which is not likely to fray and tear, but still soft.

3 layers of tulle and 1 layer of hard mesh in between gives this super fluffy tulle skirt you see here!


Love love this skirt! Heh.

And you know us…

Basic tops with a unique twist are our perennial favourites.

Kinda had to force my factory to manufacture for me. Haha. They were so reluctant because the straps part require a lot of workmanship. And they gotta really concentrate when making this top because the details can get pretty intricate even though it looks simple to the untrained eye.

Nah, you can see the strap details better from this photo!


Kept all colours for this design. Again.

I think this launch just killed my wardrobe. No space whatsoever to speak of anymore.

But luckily no more launches already. I can stop stuffing my new clothes into impossibly small spaces for at least 3 weeks. 🙊

Ok we pause for food break now.

Super yummy Caramelized French Brie!!!

In case you're sick of having to read about my OOTD pictures every day. I miss blogging about the new food places I've been to, but I just cannot afford to sit down for a couple of hours just editing photos and thinking of content to Dayre right now.

After CNY, I hope!!

Anyway, met up with @jazreeltan last week to collect some stocks from her and she suggested this awesome place for lunch.

GastroSmiths is the name of the place and I think it just made it to my top 5 favourite places to dine at.

Cafes can get too cookie-cutter-like after a while. Really appreciating places which serve quality food instead of purely photogenic food nowadays a lot more.

This is my favourite dish out of all.. Hokubee Ribeye Don. But honestly everything we ordered was overwhelmingly good!

Didn't expect this Mushroom Eggplant to be good cos it's vegetarian. Hahaha.

But, still good!

Scallop Ceviche, which was so fresh and succulent.

Making me hungry RIGHT NAO.


If I return again, I want to try the G.S Poutine, Sea Salt Fries, Sea-ly Eggs, Truffled Chopped Eggs and Caviar, Ikura and Nori Butter, Slow-cooked Pork Collar Pasta and Onglet Steak.

Either I need to have 10 stomachs, or I need to jio more people along with me. Hahaha.

And this is the other print of the lattice front maxi which we previewed on TTR yesterday!

This is really good for CNY…. Not restrictive in any way and perfect for binge eating of pineapple tarts, bak kwa and all the other junk food. Hahaha.

ALSO, check out our full preview if you have not!

On facebook!

The Blanc Swing Dress now comes in new colours. 😏 Was a pleasant surprise that the backorders and new colours came before CNY. Hehe.

Will post my Blanc Swing Dress here tomorrow!! 😎

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