We decided to show our love this Valentine's…

Credited 5 TTR points to every active account that is registered on the TTR site as an early Valentine's Day gift.

Well, we intended for the points to go through tomorrow BUT my web developer is not free to do it for me tomorrow. 😂

You can use the 5 points to offset $5 for your next purchase.. Or if you are 5 points away from the next closest membership tier, CONGRATS!

Can exchange for membership already. 😁

We are opening the biggest backorder ever tonight, for the all previously sold out items.

Now you know what to do with your points!


Thank you for always making us feel loved with kind words, compliments and encouragements. Hope you feel the love from us too!


Bought chocolates from the Janice Wong pop up store at Ion for the girls to share!

The store will be there till tomorrow I thinkkk! The staff told me so. You can go grab some tomorrow if you're in town. They're so pretty! 😍

Planned to get them each a stalk of gerbera too…… But 3 stalks for $70???!!!!!! Might as well chop off my right hand. I can imagine many poor guys with empty bank accounts after tomorrow.

We picked one each and I got the one with popping candy inside! 🙆

My favourite basic dress which I always go back to.

Backorders opened now! For 8 designs which are previously sold out. Hurry go use your points!

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