Waiting to get my lash extensions removed and do a new set so I thought I'd update my Dayre….

Before it gets all dusty because my life is as boring as it can get.


Honestly… Doing nothing is probably one of the most difficult things to do. The idea of it sounds really good. Just bum around, watching movies/drama series, eat sleep wakeup eat sleep repeat.

I was telling @jongsy, "wah this is what being jobless feels like!"

But she corrected me and said that if I were jobless, my parents would nag to no end and I would have to get off my butt to find a job else starve to death.

So we concluded that this doing nothing lifestyle is that of a rich, jobless person.


But this lifestyle doesn't really suit me. After 1 day of doing nothing, I AM BORED. 😔

So even if I were a millionaire, I would probably still be running TTR. Hahaha. But without stress la. So much money already, just do for fun. 😂

So this is what I've been up to for the first few days of my long break.

Thinking random thoughts and bumming around.

Kinda can't wait to go back to work already.

I think it's called 犯贱. Hahahaha.

Ok la, we did drag ourselves out for brunch at Artistry yesterday.

Took as long as we wanted and it felt kinda good…. 😌

Finally got to try their peanut butter jelly french toast! The last time we came, it was off the menu.

Not too bad but I gotta admit that I am not much of a sweet food person. I like my food savoury. 😬

@jongsy says it's my weird logic but really what…. Savoury food tastes MUCH better. No?

I really like the duck confit aglio olio! But they need to make it less oily. The pasta was swimming in a pool of oil.

Anddd my essential cup of iced mocha.


Overcame our laziness and got some OOTDs taken!

Lauren Pelmet Skirt in denim will be launched after we come back from our break!


Ok I'm off to savour my last day of doing absolutely nothing because I'm going to get busy from tomorrow onwards.


Don't know whether to be happy or sad. Hahaha.

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