And this is why girls take so long to do their makeup. Hahahaha.

Food photos on IG are killing me and making my stomach growl.


Last week of freedom for me!

Kinda dreading yet looking forward to going back to work. Hahah. Super conflicting feelings. Better make the best out of this last week to make it count!

Steamboat at home yesterday with the team.

Crazy trying to fit so many people into 2 tables but we did it!

Was great fun and looking forward to hosting an even bigger group of people for next year's CNY.


Group photo taken by my dad.


Turned out not bad if you ignore the awkward legs of the front row people. House too small very hard to crop away the legs. Hahahah. πŸ˜‚

And this Xiaobai looking very happy to have so much attention on her.


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