Woke up reallyyyyy early yesterday, which left me with an abundance of time to do many things throughout the day.

So @jongsy and I decided to go roam around town in the afternoon. Hahah.

Feels like its been ages since I last stepped foot there.

You can tell that we're in our holiday mood by the number of OOTDs appearing on our IG.


Only once a week. Hahaha.

Maroon knit top coming up on TTR after we're done with the break.

But me think we will PROBABLY be doing a sale before the launches begin.

Bag sponsored by Sandy Trove!

This one is right up my alley because it's black, super roomy and bucket shaped.


Material isn't flimsy at all, super sturdy!

The only thing I didn't like about it was that I have to untie and tie the strings each time I need to get something from my bag. But other than that, perfect bag for me!

Also had a really busy weekend because I was one of the bridesmaids for my good friend from JC.

We used to be team mates for squash. It's amazing how the 5 of us still manages to meet at least twice a year ever since JC. Which was….. About 9 years ago. How did 9 years pass so fast??! πŸ˜”

Gave her a set of Tara Boat Neck Dresses for the bridesmaids as a wedding gift.

There was actually no plan to do the Tara Boat Neck Dress in Lilac.. But the bride requested and tadahhhh. Available in Lilac. Haha.

The dresses look good together in the photoshoot too. Pretty and pastel!

And then we had to do the walk-in with her for the solemnisation… So the bride asked if we could wear teal dresses.

If you don't know, a teal dress is TERRIBLY hard to find. Haha. All my fellow bridesmaids were frantically trying to find teal dresses for the wedding.

Luckily for me, (I really don't know what got into me when I picked the super unconventional teal for the Joie Dress btw), I didn't have to even try looking. Heheh. πŸ™Š

The bride had to toss the bouquet…….. And we made HJ catch it. Hahahah. The rest of us were standing quite far behind.

Congrats, you're next!!! πŸ‘°

Have been trying to exercise as regularly as I can during this break. Before work gets back in my way.

Loving my Cross-Cut Sports Bra sponsored by Vivreactivewear. Was just telling Sylvia the other day that I much prefer the ones she sent me over my Nike ones. The material is a lot softer and wayyy more comfortable! Fits me like a glove and does not compromise on the support either.

Shall share with you a workout routine that I have recently been following to train for abs.

Have a good weekend ahead!!

Friday is comingggg.

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