Finally got down to updating my blog banner and the sponsors tab, yay! ✌️

My blog looks somewhat decent again now. Hahaha. I can just feel @nakedglory shaking her head at my frail attempt and her asking me "Eh why you so long never blog?? Waste the layout I design for you! 😒"

Another screenshot of how my blog currently looks like now.


Today's workout. 💦💪

Wanted to do 5km but was feeling dizzy so I had to stop. Probably because I went to donate blood with @jongsy yesterday!

Still, was a good run!

It's been long since my last blood donation.

Eh, I think I last donated when I was in JC. There was a blood donation drive and I went to donate so that I could skip squash training. Hahahaha.

I made sure I ate some iron pills a few days before I went to donate though. Cos the previous time I did my blood test prior to donation, I got rejected due to low iron level.

I went to the blood donation hq at Dhoby Xchange. It's pretty easy to find!

The whole process was quick and practically painless. I'm not someone who is afraid of needles so it was easy peasy for me.

You have to fill in a questionaire, then get your finger pricked for the blood test, and if all goes well, you enter the room for them to take your blood.

The staff were all really friendly and made sure we felt well during the entire process.

My bag of blood.


Well, you can donate your blood every 3 months so I think I will be going back in June again to do it.

If you're concerned about pain, the pain level is like maybe 1/10? It's really not painful and if you can meet the requirements, you should go donate blood and give the gift of life to those who needs it.


My happy neon pink smiley face bandage!

You're not supposed to do strenous exercises or lift heavy stuff for a day after your donation. And they gave us iron tablets to replenish the iron level in our bloodstreams too.

If you're wondering what we're up to this Sunday……


Dayre has a new look!

No wonder it was a bit buggy when I tried to update earlier today.

Looks really different now.. So not used to it!

I prefer the previous font and font size though.. 😶

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