Awake and eating my breakfast and ready to start my day with 2 hours of yoga classes!

Just realised today is Friday the 13th.

Good luck to me and all of you!


I'm surprisingly quite a morning person. Hahahah. I mean ya, most of the time it is a battle with my inner voice to drag myself away from my hypnotic bed… But once I'm awake, I really appreciate the morning peace and fresh air.

Then again, I love my late nights too.

Hmm. Maybe I could do alternative early mornings and late nights but I think that would make my sleep cycle go crazy. LOL.

Shall see how long I can keep this up!

Breakfast before yoga today!

I usually wake up 1.5 hours before my class to eat a light breakfast before I go. I hate exercising on an empty stomach because I feel a lot weaker.

Yogurt, granola and strawberries.

Not the healthiest but a lot healthier than what I eat on most days. Hahaha.

Updating my Dayre now because the first class killed me so I ended up skipping my second class. πŸ™Š

Omg just wanted to share this app which @jazreeltan introduced to me the last time we met for lunch.

It's called the Sugar app and it's pretty cool!

It works a little like Burpple, showing you the food places near to your current location.


It comes with deals for certain dishes at the participating establishments. So only those places which offer deals will show up on the app.

Read the words!

Pretty self explanatory.

I didn't have to do a top up for what I bought today because they give $10 credit when you sign up.


Bought this Caramelized French Brie from Gastrosmiths (heading there for lunch with the team now!!) for only $4 instead of the original $11.


Tried this the last time because Jazreel bought the same deal.

They have different terms for different deals so do read carefully.

Let me know if you manage to try out anything from this app!

The only thing I didn't like was that I had to key in the area of the place I wanted to go instead of the specific name. So I had to key in "Tan Quee Lan" and find Gastrosmiths under the list of places that offer deals.

We're heading out for lunch and then dessert because today very free.


Instead of having lunch at the food hub, we decided to be rebellious and take a longgg lunch.

It's not often that we're all so free at the office.. Must make good use. Lol.



Waiting for food nao.

I realised that the app does not just offer deals for food! They also offer random offers from shops selling clothes/bags/random things.


Ordered the scallop ceviche again. πŸ˜‹

The $4 Caramelised French Brie I redeemed!

Although I don't think I will want to pay $11 for this, it's still nice la. Haha.

Both Clara and Auds got convinced by the waiter to order this Atlantic Cod Meesua.

He was really funny please. He said he strongly recommend this dish although he has not tried it before. Hahaha. And that he wouldn't reccomend the truffle fries. πŸ˜‚

The cod fish was nice! Really fresh and no strong fishy taste. I usually don't take cod because.. The taste I just cannot. But this impressed me!

RIBEYE DON for me and @jongsy!!

Craving for this ever since the last time we came here.


Tummy is protruding now (bye, this morning's yoga class!) but we are heading to Sunday Folks for ice creammm!!

Really making good use of our slack day. Hehe.

My 4th time at Sunday Folks.

Hahaha. Still not sick of it.

Clara hasn't tried it before so we went after lunch!

Didn't feel like eating waffles so I got a cone for myself.

At least something different this time round!

And it was good cos the cone was less filling (and sinful) compared to the waffles. Heh.

Our lunch time took 2.5 hours in total.. But no regrets! Was a good excursion out! 😁

In the mood to wear something nicer today even though I've no plans after work. Hahaha.

Ended up looking like a mother bringing 3 kids out because the 3 of them were wearing like…. Casual tops, shorts and sandals. πŸ˜’

And because I wore heels + 本ζ₯ already taller than them.. Even worse. πŸ˜‚

Looks like I'm safe from the clutches of Friday the 13th since my day is going to end pretty soon! Except for the fact that my phone fell right smack on the ground. πŸ˜”

Be safe, you guys!

@jongsy saw this on FB and told me to share on my Dayre.

Go donate if you can and if your blood type is O negative!

Side note – some of the comments that people left on this FB post are seriously hilarious. Hahaha. DAMN OUT OF POINT.

Photo with my unwilling puffball! 🐰

Sorry for the heavily filtered photo hahaha already removed my makeup cos I wanna go for a run.


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