Sale is on tonight at 8PM sharp!!

Just finished sending out the mailers…. And making sure that we did actually mark down the prices.


For our last sale, @jongsy and I completely forgot to do any mark down.

Until 2 minutes BEFORE the sale was supposed to go live. Then we frantically logged into the account and frantically mark down as many items as we could. #unbelievable

When we realised, we were like…..

We would have so many angry customers if they go to the sale page and in the end there's nothing for them to buy.


Good thing our fingers were fast enough. Exceeded 8pm by a little but still managed to have a smooth (albeit panicky) launch.


Brains really spoil.

But anyway! Now we know better. Doing it days in advance. Hahah. No more heart attacks.

Since I've been quite free this week… I updated my blog with mini entries! Mostly personal and with no photos.. Haha.

But if you're bored you can go read!


Got started on a new book this weekend – The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

And one particular sentence struck a chord. Not that I'm done with the book yet though!

Charlie, we accept the love we think we deserve.

Just done with my run and here to remind you that the SALE items are up on website!


Shop yourselves crazy and make sure tomorrow got no Monday blues ok?

Sunday night dinner which I put together for myself!


What's in the bowl – organic mixed greens (shared with the bunnies haha), egg omelette, sauteed mushrooms, turkey ham, onions, cucumbers and a little bit of coleslaw dressing.

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