Platypus Kitchen

I am amazed at the sheer amount of disappointment that I can actually feel in another human being.

Some people just fail you – over and over again.

Oh well, here's something that will never fail you even if some people do – FOOD.

Lunch at Platypus Kitchen since we were in the area for errands.

Definitely made my Monday slightly better. 😌

If I had to compare it with the lobster roll I've had at Pince and Pints…

Hmm. All I can say is, although the price at Pince and Pints is double that of Platypus Kitchen, the amount of satisfaction is also double. Haha. You pay for what you get.

$24 was for a lunch set though. You get to pick a drink + soup of the day/side salad.

Pumpkin soup which gave me a shock when I had my first sip.


Took 3 sips and @jongsy finished the rest. Hahaha.

Whyyyyy. Why is it sweet.

Crab and Tobiko Linguine which Sissy ordered.

My kind of food totally. Hehe.


She couldn't finish this and I polished everything off for her. Including my own lobster roll.


Don't know what's up with my humongous appetite today. So much carbs oh god.

This was the set I got. I think only available for lunch or something!

The ala carte price was $24.90.

Edited: Oopsy Sissy told me this wasn't the set I got. Hahahaha. πŸ™…

Executive lunch menu.

Picture in case anyone wants to see!

Forgot to talk about this!

Ehh it's called the Potato Confit Mash on the menu and sounded really nice in the description…

But just tasted like normal mash potato lor. 😩 We didn't even manage to finish half.

I would pick Poulet's truffle mash over this anyday!

Yayyy my blog now can be viewed as the full version instead of the ugly mobile version thanks to @nakedglory!!


More reasons for me to keep being diligent in updates, maybeee?

Having a slice of super yummy lemon meringue tart in the office now thanks to Baker Auds. Hehehe. πŸ˜‹

It's reallyyyyy awesome I keep telling her that she should consider selling her bakes.

She even has a blow torch okkkkk.


Decided to throw basic pieces together for today's outfit so that I don't have to mull over what to wear for too long.

Naomi Basic Cropped Top with my current favourite basic – Leigh Maxi Skirt in Grey!

Finally launching it this weekend.


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