Busy Busy Wednesday

New blog post up on the blog!!

http://www.joycesayshello.com ✌️

Figured I needed somewhere to stash my CNY photos else they would just eventually be deleted away when I need more SD card space.

Also updated about what I did for 2 weeks of my long break – which isn't a lot and isn't terribly exciting and fulfilling.

But hey, at least I updated my blog. Again!

Met my friend yesterday because I owe her a birthday dinner!

She picked this Jap place called Manzoku based on the budget I gave her.

It's located at Purvis Street and pretty easy to find even though I depended heavily on my Google Maps. Best app ever.

Haha she caught me flipping through the menu like a few times and she commented, "eh you handicapped without pictures right??!"


My friend knows me well. Hahaha.

All menus should come with pictures (better if they have a vivid description of ingredients used too) ok!! To aid decision making. I like knowing how my food is going to look like.

Ordered this sashimi platter and I gotta say…

I am really unadventurous with food. Haha. Out of salmon, tuna, white tuna and swordfish, only salmon tasted acceptable to me.

Swordfish is just… Weird??!

It has this super spongy texture and when you bite into it, it is strangely erm watery. No likey.

Love their chawanmushi!

Idk what got into me yesterday but I tried many new food which I have not tried before!

Like Uni. Which is sea urchin la.

This is definitely much more to my taste buds' liking than the swordfish and random sashimi. Hahaha.

Aburi rolls which were nice but not as awesome as The Sushi Bar's.

The hotate ones were nicer than salmon!

These are what my friend calls "Joyce's comfort zone". Hahaha. Whatever. 💁

Foie Gras Sushi!


Comfort zone for sure.

Warm sake which was not so comfort zone-ish but I quite like! 👍

Bill came up to $167 for what we ordered. No idea if it's considered expensive but I enjoyed the food there!

Ambience could have been better… It was quite a squeeze because they placed their tables very near one another. Air con can up a bit also. Hahah.

LOL this @nakedglory.

By the way I suggested that the group chat should be called "Yoko is lazy. Period."

Getting new stocks from her and Lydia for new launches on TTR (likely this Sunday). Say yay to new watches and accessories coming your way!

Waiting for Sissy while she gets her wisdom teeth surgery done.

I need to get down to it myself too, but I'm trying to put it off for as long as I can because I have an inexplicable fear of the dentist.

Found this little nice and quiet spot and I'm gonna get some reading done.

View so nice.


Self-cleaning table sounds funny though. Hahaha. Obviously the table cannot clean itself??!!


Today's #ootd in the Ralph Boyfriend Shirt in Dark Stripes.

I really, really love wearing shirts.




Off to meet my friends for dinner at Dempsey now. I need to scroll through the group chat and see where we're meeting at and which restaurant.

Can I have a PA please?

Someone who can tell me where and what time and who I'm meeting on which day. Hahahah.

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