Feeling extremely positive about work today.

In fact, one of the most positive days I've had ever since we started work after CNY.

Picked the camera up again to start shooting some stuff for the website and here's sharing some.

Lunched at The Lokal yesterday.

Because it's never too early for alcohol, right @nakedglory?

I don't know why I bother ordering drinks sometimes. Hahaha.

I always end up finishing only 1/3 of my drink by the time I'm done with my food. Then stomach no space for the other 2/3 already.

Lobster roll again because… Why not?

Hahaha. Anyway this isn't the real deal. It's slipper lobster roll actually!

The purple lettuce makes it look really nice and appetising but I would rather order the one from Platypus Kitchen over this. I think same price or just $1-2 difference!

Another photo because even though the main dish was not that great, I liked that it came with curly fries.

Hahaha. Tasted exactly like Mcd's twister fries. Same supplier maybe! 😂

Yoko's roast beef ciabatta!

Lyd's pasta.

Took a bite and ok la not too bad! Just that I'm more of an aglio olio kinda girl. Hehe.

Tomato soup took forever to come.

I think they missed our order out and it came after we were done with our main dishes. Haha. Nevertheless, it was good tomato soup. Not as tangy as what I would have expected, in a good way.

Side note – it's been raining really often ever since we installed the solar films. Hahaha really #lastwarning can. 😡


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