Omg best Pocky. Everrrrr. Love how it has so much cream and so little biscuit per stick.


It even has a cute name called Midi. Which happens to be my favourite current length for apparels too. Hahaha.

There are only 3 packets of 4 sticks inside each box though. (I finished one already!!)

Think it's quite expensive although I didn't check out the price when I bought it. Was at the gas station and it was a grab-and-go purchase. Hehe.

Had lunch with the sisters at Lola's Cafe because @jessaiee was feeling rich. Hehehe.

She recently got her pay from her part time job and decided to treat us to lunch and spend some sisterly time together.

Aww 长倧了 😒 Feeling like a proud mama, hahaha.

Either something wrong with my tastebuds today or maybe just suay.

All the dishes we ordered tasted somewhat sweet instead of savoury!


β€’ Honey Paprika Crispy Wings – this one duhh cos got honey glaze

β€’ Nacho Cheese Fries – least sweet but STILL A BIT SWEET WTF

β€’ Eggs Atlantic – salad and sauce were sweet

β€’ Breakfast Butter Croissant – they used candied bacon WHYYYYYYY

But meal was free so just eat lor. Hehehe.

Mid week made better with a cute package from Foundry & Co!

Matches my outfit today somemore. Heh.

Picked up the stocks that were launched on Sunday and wahhhh this Lydia knows my taste for accessories quite well.

Inside the package was THIS necklace. This very same necklace which I asked @jongsy to keep aside for me on Sunday before the launch.

I have this in gold already but silver is sooooo pretty.

Look at this cotton puff! Freshly bathed and super pong.

She has this weird habit of suntanning after a bath.

Hahaha. Dad just installed curtains at the balcony so she's left with a little bit of sun now.

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