Whenever I tell people that there's a gym and pool in my office building…

The first thing they say is, "Wah so good, need to pay?"

Then they ask, "Free one so you got go use?"

Now I finally can tell them that YES I'VE BEEN TO THE GYM.



But it's super crowded…. I might as well go back to True Fitness.

Wanted to try out the weights here because I thought nobody would come to the gym here. And won't get judged because I don't really know what to do with the weights. šŸ˜³

Hahaha. But erps no, just as crowded. Sad.

Yay finally people are starting to go home for dinner. I can do whatever I want. Hehe.


Snapple and Subway for dinner before @jongsy and I set off to say our goodbyes.

Just posted a banner on TTR's website.

Sunday's launch will be postponed to 30 March instead, do take note!

Thank you for understanding. :')

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