Having lunch at the newly revamped CP food court now.

Love it!! Looks so clean and sleek heh. The old food court looked really grimy and dark. The tables used to look very dirty and greasy wtf.

But of course there's a trade off. I think the general food prices went up by $0.50. Drinks went up by $0.10.


Should have taken a photo of the food court before reno just to show the difference.

Today we walked into the food court and only had one word…..


My basil pork with omelette rice – now $6 instead of $5.50.

If you don't change the sunny side up to an omelette, it will be $5.50!

But the omelette is awesome, #noregrets.

The chef/owner of this stall is a Thai and her dishes all taste super authentic one!! Even better than Nakhon (plus no need to queue) in my opinion. No other basil pork I've tried so far comes remotely close to hers.

It's the perfect balance of salty and spicy. 😁

It's funny because the old office used to be like a 2 minutes walk away from CP but I didn't crave so much for the food here before.

Now we shift so far then whole day want to come here and eat.


Cheesy Clara says, "ε€±εŽ»δΊ†ζ‰ζ‡‚εΎ—ηζƒœ"

Hahaha feel like boxing her. πŸ‘ŠπŸ’’

We have so many food choices now and it makes me look forward to lunch time.

We used to skip lunch often last time because the food hub at our office only opened late last year – and we shifted in around May.

It was really cumbersome to drive out just for lunch so most of the time we just don't eat. Or we would ask our mum to dabao.

Now we either eat at the food hub downstairs, Food Republic at the Breadtalk IHQ, CP, or some place nearby.

Lunch time is exciting time for us now. Hehe. 😁

We're shopping for Havaianas in the office now. Hahaha.

Share with you this groupon deal which the girls found!

Havaianas Slim Flip Flops for $29.90 only! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Free shipping somemore. 😏

The original price is $50+ if you buy from the shops I think!! I have never shopped on groupon before but this deal seems too good to miss!

Only thing is their shopping cart…. If you want to buy different sizes you need to cart them out separately. WHY SO LOUSY ONE. 😠

Sun so strong omg.


Realised that the garage opposite our office building is giving out the LKY car decals. I think called Johnsonstickers!!

It's at Ubi Road 1 but I think today is the last day they are giving them out.

The girls went down to queue while me and Hosin were shooting in the office. Haha in the end we went to join the queue too, cos 1 person is entitled to 1 decal each. In total I think they queued for about 1.5 hours!

Our goodbye to Singapore's very own legend and hero.

Left our flowers among the sea of flowers from people who visited the tribute centre.


You deserve every bit of this from Singaporeans, if not more.

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