New week, new manicure.

It is frustrating to wait for nail polish to dry because you feel handicapped during the drying time – which is most likely around an hour.

But the end results turn out nicer than gel polishes in my opinion!

This is called Starry Night from an indie brand Picture Polish. Can't remember which website I got it from cos it was quite sometime back already..

Just ask your best friend – Google!

Word of caution though. You need to do at least 3 layers for this to look nice! The first layer is usually ugly and patchy looking.

But just bear with it… It will look gorgeous by the 3rd layer!

Of course, you also need some skills when applying la. Hahaha.

Managed to wake up early for gym today – yay!

I always feel that I start my days better when I hit the gym early in the morning.

Going to grab subway for lunch cause after exercising need to spend the calories wisely. Hehe.


By the way…..

New blog posts on the blog!

Did a What's In My Bag post and OOTDs summary post. Hehe. They are under 2 separate posts because I postponed the publishing of the WIMB post from last week till this week. 🎉

Baked some double chocolate muffins yesterday and they turned out pretty nice.

Will share the recipe soon!!!


We're giving FREE SHIPPING this week! Till Friday only so shop your hearts out~~ 😘

New arrivals just up on site!

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