Why is it that we search for our own beauty in the eyes of others?

Last week's cheap thrill – $3 damn chio stripey Rubi slippers.

Hahaha @jongsy wanted to buy a pair each to put in the office… So that we can stop borrowing the girls' slippers when we wear heels to work. Also because if we wanna go downstairs and eat lunch, it's too troublesome to wear heels!

We are just lazy. Hehe. 😁

But omg $3 only. Everyone go buy ok!!

Went to the food hub to buy teh peng because I am going to doze off already.


Food coma.


Love basic dresses because they are such no-brainers.

I picked grey to match the weather today! Hahaha.

The length is a bit too decent for me but I think most of you prefer dresses to be longer.

So… Never mind la! I can always get them altered if I want. Since @jongsy won't object any way. Heheh.


Launching this Sundayyy~~

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