Today is a very sad day.

Our office fridge just passed away. It was my birthday present from the team 4 years back. 😢

I was sitting in the office doing my stuff and I suddenly caught whiff of an awful smell.

It was the same smell as when my studio lights had sparks coming out and the smell is like… Burnt luncheon meat. But grosser.

But nobody could smell anything because the smell was quite faint just now so I thought I was being paranoid.

Opened the fridge just now and realised that my chocolate muffin was WARM.


No wonder got burnt smell. My sense of smell is damn 强. Hahaha.

Need to go shopping for a new fridge now. Zzz.

Wore this super cute flare skorts out today.

Can anyone tell that we're totally obsessed with stripes-anything nowadays??

Hahaha. Tons of stripey items launched and upcoming on TTR!

Top is upcoming too but not this weekend. Have yet to shoot all the colours!

Rare photo of backview because my curls look decent for once. Hehe.

Didn't even know that @jongsy snapped this photo till I checked the SD card!

Slacking at my grandma's house because I made some banana pecan cupcakes yesterday and since she likes them, I kept aside 4 for her and sent them to her after work together with @jongsy.

The feeling of sitting on the sofa, staring at this cookie cutter channel 8 drama and blanking my mind out actually feels quite good.

So lazy to go home nao.

My grandma is awesome. 😊

Locked out of my own house like a homeless hobo with huge bags of grocery because I forgot to bring my keys and no one is home.


I usually bring my own keys but hardly use them on weekdays because I'm always with Jo.

Just nice today I thought "Never mind la no need to bring.." And she went to meet Ben after work.

Wtf. How suay!

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