Favourite (actually the one and only ban mian I ever eat) ban mian for lunch today!!

But I feel slightly cheated.

The amount of noodles became wayyy lesser after the renovation??!

Although I almost always cannot finish the noodles last time…. But the thing is, how can they increased the price AND decreased the noodles at the same time?


Finished the ban mian and I don't even feel the least bit full???

@jongsy said maybe they decided to reduce the portion because last time I always never finish my noodles.


Managed to tempt everyone into going for ice cream!! Whee!

Yay yummy gelato again!

The same one which we went last last week. Or was it last last last week?

Starting the crazy packing for this weekend's work trip and between @jongsy and I, we have 4 full LARGE luggages to bring.

No thanks to the factory and their mistakes. Having to bring back jumpsuits is no joke….. Going to pay like mad for the overweight luggages but apparently it is still way cheaper than if we were to ship them back.


Really don't know how is it that after doing 9495736 designs, they still can make such elementary mistakes. Always giving us heart attacks now and then.

Tiredddd. πŸ˜ͺ

Today's outfit!

Launching this on Sunday as well, stay tuned!!


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