Just done packing our luggages to the brim and heading off to the airport in a few minutes!

It's a PH today so we didn't have to rush like crazy to get home and get our stuff before flying. But you can never feel too prepared when it comes to packing. Hahah. I'm not one to travel light so I like to make sure that most of my essentials are with me.

I have a few things that I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BRING on work trips. Die also must bring kind.


It seems very funny that I have to mention passport…. But there was once (long story cut short) that Little Miss Scatterbrain brought her passport cover WITHOUT the passport and had to ask her poor sister to cab home and cab to the airport just because of one little red book.

We made the flight 5 minutes before the gate closed.

So now we will check and check and check when it comes to passports.

And oh, no more passport covers. EVER.

Masks for flights!

4 dehydrating hours in the flight cabin would be insufferable if we didn't bring along any forms of moisturiser or masks.

Used to not care but the monthly flights had really bad effects on my skin after that!

So now I make sure.

Comfortable shoes.

Trusty sneakers which can be paired with most outfits I bring on my work trips. Which basically means tees and jeans/shorts, hahaha.

Always in my most dressed down state on work trips because comfort reigns over looking nice anyway. Nobody's gonna judge.

Anyway! Comfortable shoes needed for long hours of trudging through the fabric markets.

Hairband and hair tie bands.

Super important ok!!

Otherwise at night cannot wash face. Hahaha. And I like to have my fringe up once I shower and am ready to stay in for the night.


We usually only bring 1 set of sleepwear each for 2-3 nights.

And there was once I forgot to bring. 😩

Never underestimate the importance of comfy sleep clothes!

Skincare and basic makeup.

Because if we look like shit, we cannot work well.

Simple as that. Hahaha.

So now you know, I am someone who cannot travel light. So many things to bring!!

All kinds of chargers.

We forgot to bring phone/laptop chargers before, and ended up having to frantically google for the nearest Apple store.



Because my migraines are more unpredicatable than the weather.


Almost every trip sure kena migraine.

I always end up having for ask for paracetamol from the cabin crew if I forget. Because somehow they don't sell panadols at convenience stores there.

Notebook for top secrets.

Hahaha ok la not super top secret kind of top secrets la.

But I write all our orders with the factory in the notebook so that I can double check the quantities and specifications when the stocks arrive.

And our planning for the month/year also inside.

And my random ideas and inspirations. I'm someone who likes to write things down because my brain is like a sieve.

So I need to protect this with all my life la, basically. Hahaha.

Hahaha just as I am typing this entry, @eatapplez sent @jongsy a whatsapp message asking us to double check if we brought our passport, money, contact lens solution, underwear etc.

My mum asked us to bring our brains.


Travelling for work is a monthly tiring affair. Just packing only already so troublesome.

It's been 2 months since we've travelled for work and I feel kinda refreshed already.

Not dreading it as much as my last few trips. Hahaha.

Hopefully it will be a good trip. Time to pick up my full momentum at work again.

That's 60kg + $600 for excess 30kg baggage right there.


Comfy flight outfit.


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