Speaking of scatterbrains…

I dropped my wallet outside the departure gate yesterday. I thought I slipped it into my backpack but I guess I got distracted talking and it fell out instead.

Happily went into the gate and about to cross the immigration when the airport security came inside and asked us if we dropped our wallet.

Turns out its mine!!!!

Hahaha. Shit. Must have caught the scatterbrain virus from @jongsy.

Super chio bottle of water from the our hotel. Hehe.

At our favourite Korean food place for lunch!! 🇰🇷

Ate so much my tummy is protruding like I have a 5 month old baby inside now.

Gotta try on some samples later. 😨 Food, hurry digest!!!


Heading to the gym to fully utilise our hotel stay now. Hahaha.


Love all the samples I've tried on today.. More samples and fabric shopping tomorrow! Wheeee.

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