Supplier brought us to 海底捞 for dinner!!!

Have not tried it before so am looking forward. Hehe. @jongsy tried the one in SG and she said she paid $50! That's erm, quite expensive for steamboat? I think we'll only have to pay about $20 per pax here!!

The queue here is also insane. We've been waiting and snacking like no tomorrow for the past 30 minutes. Hahah.

Got look a bit like we're in Korea?


I feel like I'm on a holiday. Hahaha.

Looks a little like USS too. Right??

Hello, 海底捞!!

Apparently this place is also super famous here. My supplier said she didn't manage to call in last night for reservations and had to wake up early today just to call.

And reservations all full somemore. But they were able to reserve a queue number for us ahead of time.

Super 人山人海.

I think at least 100 people waiting for seats right now.


Some people even brought their own poker cards to play. Hahaha.

Free flow snacks and drinks.

The evil snacks which we cannot stop eating. Just eat and eat only.

When is it gonna be our turn? 😴

Omg we got seated!!

The service staff at 海底捞 are all x100 friendlier and more polite compared to most other people we meet here. Suddenly very not used to it. Hahaha.

They thoughtfully gave us ziploc bags for our phones and a hair tie for @jongsy because she is the only one among us who doesn't have her hair tied up.

Service 💯💯💯 leh.

So many different types of condiments for you to come up with your own sauce mix!!

If you're the creative kind… It's best to ask the staff to help you with it. Hahah. Best be safe when it comes to food!!

We picked the mushroom soup base and the 麻辣 soup base.

Omg the 麻辣 is really…..


My tongue cannot take it.

Towards the end we kinda abandoned the 麻辣 totally.

Super good beef!!

So much food.

Too much food. 😨

The noodle guy!!!

@jongsy asked me if the noodle hit her face how. Hahahahaha. Which I am sure will never happen? But it will be damn funny if it does. 😂

Our total bill came up to about SGD100 for 3 people!

Heading back to the hotel now to start work. Judging by the amount of samples we have this time round, we probably need to work through the night later.

Then it's home sweet home tomorrow!!


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