Was packing my lippie pouch which was in my bag, and decided to swatch them on for fun. Hahaha.

I realise all the colours that I use frequently are more of the red/orangey/coral tones.

I have pinks too but I hardly use them because for some reason I think they make me look tanner than I am. If I do pink, I will go over it with an orangey lip tint to lessen the pink.

Bought this set of YSL colours at Duty Free because I was attracted by the lipstick colour #52, but they were not selling it on its own because OOS.

I went to google (because the SA told me this colour goes OOS whenever they stock in) and turns out it was because people thought that it's the colour Cheong Song Yi wore. Hahahah.

But anyway, the lip tint and lip gloss looks good together with the lip colour. So I won't have to waste anything from the set!

And I keep buying repeat lipsticks because I don't remember what colours I already own, apart from those I use on a daily basis.

One lipstick lasts for so long and I don't know how I can ever use finish two!!

So end up guess who 衚到?


Sissy says I need to keep an inventory and I agree. Hahaha.

On the lips.


Our Groupon slippers came today!!

But super wtf.

We ordered 4 x sand grey but they sent us 4 x light gold.


But we are going to just suck it up and not email them so that we can accumulate some good karma for ourselves. Hahahahah.

Today's outfit!

Keepers Tailored Shorts in Pinstripes launching this Sunday!

Comes in Black too.


Despite how grumpy he looks, he is enjoying his cheek rub. Hehehe.

馒倴 face.

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