Forgot to post my outfit yesterday so here goes!!

The v neck basic top which some of you girls were asking about after I wore it last week. Will be launching it this Sunday! And what better item to pair it with than the Bravery Tie Front Midi Skirt. Hahah.

I think it is the most repeated item in my wardrobe. πŸ˜‚

Already lost count of how many times I wore it!

My new favourite footwear recently – white sneakers.

Sooooo comfortable compared to heels. Hahahah. Just not as flattering la cos legs look infinitely shorter.

But on lazy days, comfort > fashion!!

Just realised that taking the train is a good time for Dayre-ing!

I don't have to specially find a pocket of time to sit down and think of what to type.

But ermmagawd I missed my stop because I was too engrossed in typing away. Hahahaha.

Took me some time to figure out which way to go too. Why do I always look like a lost soul wandering around in train stations?


Looking forward to free Korean bbq dinner tonight with the girls, but goodbye to my eat-as-clean-as-possible plan for this week.

It's so tough to eat healthy food when you eat out. All the other unhealthy but taste x10000 better food choices tempting you. Grrrr.

This week's nail colour! πŸ’…

Btw, thought that this was easy to make and tasted pretty good so I shared the recipe on my blog! 🍫


Going to redeem my free dinner for 4 pax at Ssikkek Korean BBQ which I won randomly from a giveaway which I didn't even participate in? Hahaha. One day I just got a random tag from them saying that they picked my ig picture of their bbq and tadahhhh free dinner.

Nobody gonna say no to free meals so off we go for our dinner!


Anyway, I think they are quite lucky to pick us…. Hahahah. Because we don't eat a lot? A few rounds then KO already.

This is the only Korean bbq I keep returning to though… Love their marinated chicken!! I don't care much for the pork and beef here. Haha. The chicken is too awesome!!

Halfway through our meal, we are already thinking of what toppings to choose for our llao llao later.


@jongsy @eepheng @clarayapweiwei

Somebody damn extra wanna eat Sogurt instead of Llao Llao so we're here first!! Hahaha.

The big cup so cute!


Hahahah. But anyway, this is my favourite order from Llao Llao! I never ever order Sanum anymore because I don't like my froyo with fruits. Just yogurt and sauce for me please!

I ordered the med and it comes with 3 toppings but I chose only 2 sauces instead – Raffaello and Caramelised Cookie sauce!! Super yummyyyy hehe. A whole lot of sugar and fats but I shall leave that worry for tomorrow.

This United Sq outlet is also damn generous with their servings! 😁

Shall post up today's outfit before Dayre hops to a new day!

We brought back one of the designs which was popular last year – Keira Crochet Shirt.

Launching it this Sunday!

You'll be able to see the crochet details more clearly in this photo.

Anyway! For convenience's sake I will be doing a collate of my outfits every week and posting them on my blog. So that you don't have to go through my daily Dayre posts if you just want to see my outfits of the week. Can go straight to the blog and see!

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