The Laneway Market

Started my Friday in shock because I arrived at the office at 12.15pm thinking that my shoot with Hosin starts at 1pm.

Turned out I noted down the wrong timing and so ended up being 15 minutes late. πŸ˜ͺ

Still thought I had enough time to prep and all!

Shoot went smoothly and we headed out for a team lunch after!

Picked The Laneway Market since it's near our office and we've been hearing about it lately.

Good thing it lived up to the hype.

I think I had enough of mediocre cafe food for a while. We went to Group Therapy Cafe last week and the food was…. Forgettable.

Yummy truffle fries with lots of soggy ones inside!! Hehe.

The truffle flavour was also distinct! Fries not too fat. But I don't get why they put mini sprouts on top. Hahah. A bit off.

I ordered the Fluffy Eggy Brioche French Toast and it was so naiseeeee.


It's sweet but my taste buds surprisingly approve! Portion was just right too. Skipped the baked beans though. Hahah.

On the table, we also had their famous risotto!

Stole a few spoonfuls and it's really good too! I like the fried mushroom bits, hehe. Can do without the green sprouts also, though it gives a nice colour to the plate.

Overall a cafe worth returning to! Just that they have pretty limited seating in my opinion.. We took the outdoor seats because they didn't have enough indoor seats for 4. Bill came up to $67 for 4 mains and the fries, quite okay too!


Times like this I'm grateful for working for myself. Don't need to hide behind the laptop screen/in the toilet to snooze. Want to sleep on the floor also can. Hahaha.

Trying to open my eyes as wide as I can…. πŸ‘€ and spamming hot green tea. I hope it helps.

Another 12 minutes and it's sayonara office and HELLO FRIDAY!!!

Meeting @steffyduffyy for a long overdue catch up dinner sesh. I think we last met when she was still flying and came back to Sg for a short break? Which was maybe slightly more than 2 years ago.

I'm so bad at meeting up with my friends regularly and staying in the loop, especially when work catches up.

My different groups of friends are awesome though. They always make the effort to try to fix meet ups!

Else I think I will drop off the surface of the earth and maybe only meet them once every 5 years. Hahaha.

I'm not one to initiate meetups because I never know what last minute work I have to factor in. If I plan a meetup then end up having to cancel, very bad right?

Usually my friends will go "Eh meet up leh omg so long never see you! You very busy ah??"


Only maybe 10% of the time I will ask my friends to hang out with me? And the10% is because those friends same as me one. Hahah.

But that really hardly happens. Most of my friends very initiative one. πŸ’•πŸ™†

Weekends are here and that means I gotta find things to do. Used to like to just stay home during weekends but now I prefer to keep it packed.

Before I scoot off for my Friday night, here's my #ootd!!

Launching this super cute off shoulder stripey top on Sunday. If you don't like it off shoulder you can wear it as boat neck too! Both looks nice!

Also, I was lazy to change bag since it's already Friday. So I paired my outfit to match my bag. And sneakers. Hahaha.

Dinner was this lobster sandwich at Marmalade Pantry. We wanted Paradise Dynasty but there were 20 groups in front of us wtf?

Anyway, food is always secondary! Marmalade Pantry had a really short queue and we got seated quick.

@steffyduffyy's choice of carbs cos she was starving after gym. Hahaha. Your PT gonna shake his head!!

No visit to Marmalade Pantry is complete without the sticky date pudding.

Anyway, we had so much to catch up with each other that we took our conversation to Coffee Club after dinner. Too long never meet already, too many things to talk about! Just only on my way home now.

Need another meetup soonnnnnn ok @steffyduffyy!

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