The earlier I head to bed, the later I fall asleep. It is 3.25am now and I am wide awake.

It is beyond frustrating. So frustrating that I cannot even begin to describe how it feels.

I started trying to sleep at 11.30pm. Then my mum comes back. Xiaobai cannot stop barking. Bark finish wanna come inside my room so that she can hide under the bed.

Ok never mind.

Then Jo comes back at 12.30am. Bark again. Ran out of the room. This time I closed the door and tried to sleep.

Fell asleep-ish but not deep sleep until 2am then Jess started making loud hiccups while she sleeps on soundly.


I had ear plugs on but IT WAS SO LOUD. It's like normal hiccups but the volume x 20. Tried to ignore cos I was already wearing ear plugs but cannot. Attempted to wake her up 3 times then she finally stopped.

Then 2.30am Jo came in to sleep. Disturbed again.

Now 3.30am all of them are happily in dream land while I just cannot sleep no matter what.


Now that I am done with pouring out my angst which is preventing me from falling asleep, I shall stop using my phone and try once again to sleep.

Sleep also gotta be so difficult. Can don't like that please @jongsy @jessaiee and Xiaobai?


Monday's coming…. Are y'all ready to do planking??? Hahahaha.

@clarayapweiwei @eatapplez @jongsy

I think this week the office toilet is going to be spanking clean! ✨

Had Itacho with @nakedglory and her bf after a super hardcore hot yoga session in the morning followed by jogging on the treadmill.

Almost died from lack of sleep the previous night PLUS the super hot room PLUS the instructor is mad hahaha.

But anyway! Since when Itacho change to the iPad ordering system! I'm so out of touch. 😭

This roasted shrimp with butter thingy is sooooo good! Never tried it before until today.

I have been missing out in life, obviously.

Give this a try the next time you're at Itacho! Won't regret for sure!

Also caught the movie Home with both of them (wtf ya I'm the super bright 1000W lightbulb 💡) and it was surprisingly funny and cute in a light hearted way. Hehe.

Hoping that chamomile and lavender is going to give me a peaceul night's rest tonight.


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