Days that I actually wake up early enough to see this view.

Gonna head to the gym, get a good work out, get everything off my mind and start the week proper.

Sore muscles, happy pain.

Seems like I'm the only healthy one in office today. Hahaha.

Don't say I don't love you all okay, I brought my vitamin C today to feed you all!! @clarayapweiwei @jongsy @eatapplez

Loving my watch of the day from!!

Asked @nakedglory to keep this for me from a longggg time back. But I think it drowned in the black hole of her room and only resurfaced recently. Hahaha.

So happy cos the map looks so pretty!!

Today's outfit is a combination which I have not worn in a long time. For some reason it makes me feel young again, hahaha.

Heart feels heavy today. Tomorrow will be better.

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