Today's lunch hour! Pat on our backs please, we ventured out of our comfort zone today!

Exploring a new mall nearby. They have so many things!

Ok la maybe not ALOT. But we are deprived. Hahaha.

At Paya Lebar Square today!!

The best thing is that there's KOI. And Mos Burger.


Is it weird that I sound so excited about lunch every day?


Meal times are like the highlights of my mundane life.

My day is complete.


Finally caught up with @bbernice over Sushi Tei!


Fats. 🍤

Mini dragon roll. Really looks like a dragon right!


Food was substandard and we had to wait for around 30 minutes for counter seats… Walked around Sephora but luckily nothing to tempt me!

There's 30% off storewide at Lovisa!!

Anddddd I just had my 2nd cup of KOI.



Apparently I live in another time zone.

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