I thought Dayre was down for the past 2 days because it kept showing error messages.

Apparently, I can just tap on "OK" and continue using the app. Hahahaha. I don't know why it didn't occur to me until @eatapplez told me about it.


Back to exploring new cafes this week after my faith was restored by The Laneway Market. Hahah.

Met up at Paddy Hills yesterday with Lyds and @nakedglory to get some items from them for their new collections on TTR next week.

Some hits and misses for their food. Will share more on the blog! Maybe compile a list of recent places I've been to as well. Heh.

New day, new cafe!

Weekly lunch ritual with @jongsy, @clarayapweiwei and @eatapplez. 🍴

Will let you all know if it's any good later!!

I know the taxi booking apps like Uber, Grabtaxi and Hailo have been around for a really long time now. But I have not really attempted to learn how to use them since I hardly take cabs nowadays. Hahaha and I always feel that calling 65521111 is much easier?

But there were just ZERO cabs in sight just now and calling to book did not work as well. So the girls tried to teach me how to use the Uber app. I totally got despised by them for being so backward when it comes to booking cabs. 😭

So I'm sitting on an Uber X car now (cos really no cabs at all) and just realised how handy the app is.

HAHA. Am I slow or what!

If you have not tried Uber before (like me) which is not VERY likely….. Use my code "joyceh114" to get your first ride free! Up to $10 la but better than nothing.


Sitting in a stranger's car is not as creepy as I thought it would be. Best of all, this driver is not trying to engage in conversation with me. Happy!

Anyway, back to the cafe I was at just now…

We had an okay experience because the ambience and churros were good but all the other dishes were just average.

There were quite a number of people brunching there when we arrived but we still managed to get decent seats.

Decent seats meaning seats with good lighting. Hahaha.

We really liked the churros because they were cripsy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside.

Me no likey hard and crispy churros like all the others I've tried in Singapore.

This is the closest to the amazing ones I tried in Seoul.

BUT, $10 for 8 half sticks of churros dipped in vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce is a little too expensive. They need to be more generous with the churros!

Time to spammmm my #ootd photos because I thought Dayre was down yesterday. 😳


Me loves oversized shirts. Also love how slouchy this outfit is, nobody can tell if I don't suck my tummy in after meals.


And because a lot of people has been asking me about this C&K bucket bag (but I don't think they still have it now), we decided to be a little bit more hardworking and went to source for bags on our last work trip.

It paid off cos we found something really similar!! Quality also very similar.

Size is a little bit smaller but I can still fit my essentials in!

And it comes with multiple zips which give the bag an edgier look.

Launching it on Sunday, don't miss out!!

And my new favourite culottes which flares out more than the Kenzo Culottes and is more fitted at the waist/hips.

Which makes me look like my waist is smaller and legs skinnier. What's not to love??

Same cutting as the Saint Culottes but in solid colour!

Will blog about my compiled ootds of the week tonight! If you're lazy to scroll through my Dayre posts… You know where to go
👉 http://www.joycesayshello.com 👈

What are the things that you're grateful for today?

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