Started Monday on a good note cos we went to takeaway Tori-Q for lunch! That's something I will never get sick of eating. Heheh.

Best news of the day told to me by @jongsy – there's gonna be Tori-Q at AMK Hub! No need to travel to J8 specially for it anymore.

Now they just need to have Topshop and Sephora at AMK and I can live there happily forever.

Also did our monthly grocery shopping for our office pantry!

Having food at the office is really important. Hahah. Moral booster ok.

Now we just need to buy a new fridge (the old one died on us two weeks back) and maybeeee a coffee machine? HAHAHA. I'm the only one who drinks coffee at the office, so basically nobody else cares about having one.

We've been living without a fridge for the past 2 weeks and surprisingly it was ok. Just that it is something nice to have la. For eg when we buy cakes back… Or when I want to bring fruits/salads for lunch?

Need to go fridge shopping soon.



Finally finished checking off my to-do-list…. From last week.


But better late than never, right?

Feeling a small sense of achievement now. Hahah. Small because I'm like one day late.

Was unpacking the stuff we bought for the pantry and decided to show you what we bought! We spent such a longggg time at the Jap section. Why do Jap snacks always look so yummy and enticing???

This caramel corn snack is damn nice and comes in many flavours! Decided to try Matcha this time. Hahaha @jongsy bought this. Gonna steal!

Also @jongsy's. Seaweed anything is always nice. You don't really feel the guilt when you eat these cos one packet is damn little. Then you end up eating five at one go.


Grape gummiesssssss šŸ˜

My favourite is still the Meiji ones shaped like a bunch of grapes. But somehow it has become super elusive and I cannot find it anywhere anymore. Anyone knows where I can get those?

These are nice too but not as soft!

Random matcha cookies. I bought it cos the bear looks cute. Hahaha. No idea if it tastes good!

I thought Lotte is a Korean brand…. But we found this under the Jap section? Hehe.

My favourite mixed erm idk what to call them. Very good for munching on when you're bored. There are 6 packets in this huge packet!

Actually my original purpose of going to the NTUC is for these. Hahaha.

Instant flavoured hot drinks which do not taste "instant" and artificial!

I bought the green tea latte and caramel macchiato last week and they are so awesome that I had to go back and restock more this week. Hehe.

The green tea latte tastes just like Starbucks! I was super impressed ok?! I also like that these aren't too sweet. I always add one spoonful of condensed milk to give it more flavour and sweetness.

Love it so much that I went back today and grabbed other flavours too. Haha.

They are pretty expensive though… $4.60-4.90 per box depending on flavour. There are 4 sachets in a box which is expensive as far as instant drinks go… Right? I'm not too sure la but they taste quite good so I don't mind!

Anyway, one cup of Green Tea Latte at Starbucks already more expensive than a box itself lor. Hahah.

No idea if all NTUCs sell this but J8's does! I need to go check out AMK's.

Randomly grabbed this off the shelf because Ovaltine. Hehehe.

Monday made better with a full pantry, yay!

Edited: Tried this and it is niceeee hehe going to buy this again next month!

Today's outfit in the newly launched Lamont Cold Shoulder Top.

Love this top heheh.

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