With my princess at the vet's for her regular check up.


She's doing much better nowadays at being brave. At least she doesn't tremble like a Osim massager whenever we step into the clinic. Haha.

Not doing so good on the health front but I guess that's because she's getting old.

Why can't pets live as long as humans? 😩

How can the weather be rainy and so hot at the same time???

Doesn't make sense!

Met DX for lunch today at Chye Seng Huat. It's a rare occurence because we don't usually hang out with each other outside of the TTR office even though we're close. Haha. I guess it's because we see each other often enough on a regular basis since we have photoshoots every other week.

But ever since she started working I've been seeing less of her. Was good to have met for lunch today.

Love this umbrella stand. Hahaha. Can I steal the stand instead of the umbrellas?


Cold brew which took a bit of getting used to. I always order my drinks with a milk base but this is nice for a change.

I really wanted to bring the bottle home but on the bottle it says "do not remove bottle from hardware shop"


UberX-ed again today and I'm loving it! Hehe.

So extremely convenient and much easier than getting the regular cabs. You know the thing about cabs is that there is never any available when you need one.

You can use my code if you have not tried Uber before to get $10 off your first ride! <joyceh114>


Backorder is now up for this bag, by the way, for those who are asking!


Today's outfit.

Soho Off Shoulder Top making a comeback in solid colours this weekend!

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