Feeling like this every single morning.

Why is my bed so comfy???


Made wraps for dinner tonight because it's photoshoot day and we usually either eat dinner after shoot (which is damn late) or end up not eating at all.

Threw together some mashed avocado, cheese, turkey breast ham, egg and onion together and tadahhh. Super fuss free wraps for dinner!


I'm very bad at making food which has got nothing to do with baking. Haha don't even know how to cook white rice. #failmax

But I'm working on it. Hehe.

Idk why but my wraps don't stay rolled up. 😢

Had to use toothpicks to make sure the ingredients don't tumble out.

Bought the ready made wraps from NTUC!

Super convenient hehe.

Today in a preppy A-line midi skirt upcoming this Sunday. Hehe. Feeling exceptionally young in my outfit today. Must be the sneakers + backpack combination. 🙊

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