Fatty Friday

Just as we were commenting on what a warm day it was today….

The rain POURED the minute we were done with lunch. And we only had one tiny measly umbrella to share amongst 4 of us.

Ended up being drenched from head to toe. 😭

Skipped taking pictures of Kin Kin since we've been going there almost every week. Hahaha.

Sat down at My Sister Bakes for some yummy desserts since it's TGIF. Hehe. @thankgodforpink really did a good job with this place. She's the baker who baked my birthday cakes for the past 2 years, including the super cute pineapple cake if you still remember!

So happy for her that she progressed so far – from home baking to owning a space of her own.

Cakes still taste as good as when she was baking from home, if not better!

We ordered the green tea and chocolate salted caramel cake. Super yums. And what I like most about their cakes is that they are very moist and light, but at the same time not compromising on the flavours.

My favourite out of all that we've ordered – speculoos tart!

I'm a huge fan of speculoos and I can safely say that out of all the speculoos pastries/ice creams that I have tried.. This tastes the best so far.


Now I need to work out more in order to eat this every week. Hahaha.

And thank you Esther for sending our table a berries tart on the house!


We'll be back soon!!

Here's the add if any of you are keen to visit – 81 Macpherson Lane #01-55

Can shun bian go eat Kin Kin when you're there! Or try my favourite pistachio gelato which is just right beside them. Hehe.

Yay @nakedglory came over with some pretty cupcakes from Creme Maison Bakery! They are actually from a really sweet follower from Malaysia who bought the Mother's Day package and since it was pretty hard to send the cupcakes over to her, she got Yoko to pass them to me instead.

If you're reading this, thank you Mei Lann! Super sweet of you. ☺️

Just gonna do a shoutout for my friends from various brands who came together for this Mother's Day package.

You can get it from either one of their websites – Foundry & Co, Nakedglory, The Paper Bunny or Creme Maison Bakery.

If I'm a mother I will honestly be damn happy to receive this gift set. Hahaha. Got yummy cupcakes, pretty watch/rings and a sweet card!

It's Friday and nobody wants to go home. Still chilling at the office. @clarayapweiwei @jongsy @eatapplez

Casually said "eh let's go zouk" and this @clarayapweiwei immediately took out lip balm all. Hahahahah. True colours coming out lor. πŸ˜‚

I have yet to own/manufacture any sleeved rompers before this. And I gotta say that although it takes some getting used to, I think that it's slowly growing on me.


Hope your Friday night was more happening than mine!

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