Just updated my ios because I couldn't see any notifications on my Dayre for the past week.

The emojis look horribly yellow leh! Yes I'm aware that you can tap on it and select another colour…. But the default emoji colour is so fugly omg. Chinese people are called 黄皮肤 but this is taking it too literally??!

LOL at the list of locations that came out when I wanted to geotag My Sister Bakes on IG. Hahahaha.

Typed "my sister" and searched and all these came out.

Laugh die me.


My favourite goes to the hairy armpit one. Just how hairy is the armpit! Hahahaha.

Damn bo liao so I went to search "my father" on the geotag also… Hahaha. Quite funny also but not as funny as "my sister"!

"My mother" search.

Also 还好 only!

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