Really looking forward to making my travel plans come true this year!

Need to travel more now that I'm still young (lol), with minimal obligations and liabilities and erm still slightly adventurous. Hahaha.

I wouldn't say that I'm the most adventurous person around or that I love all kinds of new experiences. But I think this year would be good for me to step out of my comfort zone and go exploring.

Something like that movie Eat Pray Love. Haha.

Before you tell me that I already am travelling monthly… Work trips are not counted as travelling ok?? Hahaha.

I'm so used to it and it feels like I'm taking the train to town. Or something.

No surprise elements and new experiences to speak of. Only can train my tolerance for dirty toilets and pushy people who have no sense of personal space. Hahahah.

Some random cute photos I took of the bunnies the other day.


Where else better than Dayre to post them right??

It's ok I let you climb all over me because you ish very cute.

I don't know why her face so stunned. Hahaha.

Posing for the camera! πŸ“·

She's usually too fast for the camera but recently I'm getting better at it yay.

It's a bad idea to keep slippers at the office because my heels just keep accumulating. Hahahah.

But today rain so…. No choice. Slippers are the way to go!

I look weird in slippers given the outfit I wore today. LOL. But hey, comfort + not falling to death in heels > fashion sense.

Got stuck in the WORST traffic jam ever.

Took me 1.5 hours to drive from office (Ubi) to AMK Hub. Wtf. Drive until I wanna give up.

Got a surprise delivered to my door step today!

A shoutout and biggest thanks to the lovely and thoughtful team behind MegRhythm for sending me a box filled with their awesome steam eye masks!

Just because I happened to mention on one of my Dayre posts that I bring their masks with me on my work trips.


Look who's curious about the masks too?


Refuses to budge. Hahaha.

Can't wait to try out these lavender and rose ones!

The MegRhythm team also kindly sent me the Chamomile and unscented ones as well.

Gonna share them with my mum and sisters!

Btw, this is not a sponsored post. Nor am I obliged to post nice things about their products! But I genuinely like and am a user of their eye masks, and since they're so sweet to send me some for my upcoming trips.. I thought I would share about them and let you all know of this genius self heating eye mask. Hahaha.

Is there a shorter way to do this disclaimer thing? Gosh.

But anyway! If it's a paid post I usually will put a disclaimer la. So if I don't means it's not paid.

Today's outfit which I really, really love. In fact, this is already the second time I'm wearing it. Immediately changed into this last week when the shipment arrived and happily wore it out to dinner. Haha.

No regrets lugging this all the way back and having to pay $600 for the excess baggage.

This was intended to be a full length jumpsuit but the stupid factory did it like 2" shorter. So we brought it back to alter it into culottes length.

Which turned out nicer, in fact! Hehe. Blessing in disguise.

I was sorely tempted to keep this in all 4 colours (white and black grids, white and black stripes) but maybeeeee not la.

Maybe just 3 colours?


Wearing the stripes one out soon!! Yay can't wait!

This week's launch looks exciting alreadyyyy.

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