10 Facts About TTR

Finally… I can say that I know how to take bus home from the office!

Woohoo. Milestone okayyyy.

Hahahah all thanks to @clarayapweiwei who 带我去搭 bus just now. Although she a bit judge me la. I believe "huh 你们搬来这边一年了你没有搭过 bus?" were her exact words.

So critical one.


Anyway, I thought I would share something different on my Dayre today.

Was having a chat with @ahmantha over sushi the other day and she gave me this idea of sharing what it is like to run TTR. Something like behind the scenes… Or insider scoop if you want to call it. Hahah.

I don't think that I will be able to share everything that I ever want to just in one post. Probably gonna spread them out over different topics and themes!

Will try to do it as regularly as I can but no specific day of the week/month la.

Just in case I end up eating my own words.


I also think that it would be interesting for you all to know how it is like to be running your own business.. Especially for those who might want to start your own businesses in future. By no means are my posts going to be guides of any sort ok… Just going to share what I've been through and what I'm currently doing as interestingly as I can manage. Hahah.

So today it's gonna be 10 facts about TTR!

Some of you might not have been shopping with us or following us from the start… So I thought I should start with the basics first.

Some facts are really random one ok. I'm just sharing whatever comes to mind!

1. I started TTR with a friend, not with my sister.

I think I haven't really shared this before (or maybe I did but goldfish memory) but the idea of TTR was started by me and a good friend!

After a while, my friend had other commitments and could not put in time to grow the business, so I carried on myself and after a few months "hired" @jongsy to help me out with emails!

We work really well together and our characters and working styles complement each other's. So far, we haven't had a single quarrel over how the business is managed. Hehe.

2. We've been through 3 different logos and apparel tags from the start till now.

We're at our 3rd logo/apparel label right now. Because I can get sick of things quite fast. Hahaha. Although I really like what we have now and am planning to stick to it for a longggg while. Let me go see if I can still find our old logos or labels!

Our very first label on our first manufactured piece.

Hahaha it was supposed to be a combination of our names (starting with J) and the name of TTR.

But after a while everyone kept asking me why the label doesn't show TTR so I gave in and changed it to the logo. Lol.

This label should look a bit more familiar to our regulars who have been with us for a while!


We used this for a good 2-3 years I would say? Maybe 2 years. We used this logo when we first had our retail racks at Kissjane!

And this is what we have now. Hehe. So much nicer and easy on the eyes. Love everything about it!! Proudly designed by @nakedglory!

Also really love the round logo which we're using for TTR's official display picture.

Fits perfectly into the round frame somemore! 👏🏻

I get a feeling that this post is going to be erm, quite long.

3. We got our first office in Jul 2011, at Upper Paya Lebar.

It was a small 500 sqft room nestled in a shophouse, on the second storey. Customers who came for self collection then would have seen it before!

We used to work from home but my dad hated having so many clothes strewn around. I couldn't stand the nagging and quarrels so I decided to look for a place.

Given that I was still in my 3rd year of NUS and only having started the business for less than 2 years at that time, I would say that it was taking quite a huge risk since most leases require commitment of 2 years.

And the thing was I wasn't even sure if this thing was going to work out or not. Haha.

Just crazily went for it based on my gut instinct but looking back now, I think having a space of our own did help push us forward.

4. Dingxuan is currently our "long-lasting" model.

She has been modelling for us since 2010.

5 years already OMG. Where did all the time go??

Talking about this makes me feel nostalgic about all the past photoshoots that we did. But that will be a story for another day. Haha.

Anyway, when I first met DX at this studio situated at Clarke Quay… I remembered thinking to myself, "this girl and I confirm cannot click".

And we didn't immediately feel comfortable with each other, of course.

Haha but as time went by and we saw each other on an almost weekly basis, we grew naturally closer.

I feel very proud (like a mother hahaha) to see how she has changed into someone who is now mature and responsible compared to 5 years ago. And she's now a good friend whom I can depend on and confide in.

5. Our first manufactured piece was done in Aug 2010.

It's called the Dancing Pixies Top and it is currently residing in my wardrobe for no other reasons other than it's sentimental value. Hahaha.

I wonder if anyone even still owns a piece of this!


6. From the day TTR started till now, we have launched every single week.

Except during the CNY breaks! I cannot remember any moment in time when I thought, "Ok la this week nothing to launch, so don't launch." Don't know why so hardcore for what.

Even during my exam periods also launch! Wtf haha guess my priorities were clear. 😂

Now no exams so no excuses la. Hahah.

7. This is our 5th year in business.

Whenever people ask me how long has TTR been around for, they get shocked by my answer. I take it to mean that our brand still feels young and refreshing to people?

Or is it I look young? Hahahaha.

#shameless #actyoung

But honestly I would have never thought that we would make it this far. 5 years is really a long time but somehow it doesn't feel so? Every year still brings new challenges so it never gets stale for me.

8. We launched thetinselrack.com on 18 Nov 2012.


We said bye bye to manual invoicing through the longest nights and have never looked back since. You might not believe it but most Sunday nights @jongsy and I had to sit in front of the laptop till 4-5am just to finish sending invoices one by one.

Sometimes really cannot finish so we continue the next day.

Also, frustration level 5000 whenever Livejournal used to screw up. Now at least when the website screws up, I know who to go after. Haha.

9. We have a WHOLE lot of shoes in the office for photoshoots because I love to buy shoes.

But sadly, my models have very small feet so I cannot share with them.

Now got one model same shoe size as me… More legit excuses to buy shoes? Hahahah I can feel my models collectively frowning at me and saying "so many shoes already still buy! Don't need la!"


10. TTR is my first job after graduation.

I used to not know if it's a good or bad thing that I have not really worked for other people before.

Part time jobs yes, here and there. But I have not really gotten myself a full time job out there before.

TTR was growing well by the time I graduated so I took a leap of faith and went into it full time after uni. Not that I considered for very long, because I'm quite the impulsive and gut feeling kinda person and usually just go for what I believe in.

Anyway, I'm glad that I went where my heart brought me because I don't think I would have been half as happy as where I am now, doing what I love every day.

And yay I'm finally done with my first ever post of #theTTRstory!

(Dayre @blog needs to have a tagging function for posts!!)

Will share about other parts of my journey soon…. If you have any suggestions or anything in particular that you wish to read about, you can leave me a comment.

No promises that I can share every single detail because after all it's a business and some secrets cannot be spilled (LOL). But I will try!

Hahaha @jongsy just asked me how come I can remember the dates of all the milestones…

Of course I can remember, it's like my baby! The dates are just etched in my brain even though usually my brain is like a sieve when it comes to numbers and dates and details in general.

To clarify, TTR is as much @jongsy's baby as it is mine. Haha guess her brain just doesn't register such details!! 😂

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