Thank you all for the response on yesterday's post! I really enjoyed reading the comments and it kind of brought back memories of when I was still active on this website called formspring (where people can post anonymous questions and I answer them)..

Really like the warm and fuzzy feeling reading comments from you all!

Eventually stopped using formspring because of too many annoying keyboard warriors lurking around. Dayre's a much more positive place for interaction I guess!

I have so many ideas in my head for subsequent posts now.. Shall save them in my Notes and draft the posts out when I'm free!

For now I'll still be updating about my daily rants/ootds/meal times/random happenings in my life. Hahaha.

I remember vaguely that in 2013 I did a post on my blog which was some sort of a "guide" to starting your own online store. Will go and see if I can add on to anything and post the new and improved version on my next TTR post, maybe!

Yay thank you @blog (and @ahmantha) for solving the tagging issue in such an efficient manner!


The thing about wearing shorts/skirts that fits you perfectly to a T is…

Having to unzip about 1" just so that you can even breathe after having your lunch/dinner.


Hokays, time for me to post my ootds from yesterday and today so that you can brace yourselves for Sunday's launch. Hahaha.

Every year, we will bring back some best sellers so that new customers who have yet to get a chance to purchase them can do so.

I'm not sure if many of you remember this Malibu Top but we first launched it in 2013, and I really liked it a lot! Forgot all about it last year until I was clearing my wardrobe this year and thought that it would be a nice basic piece to bring back.

Love the keyhole detail!

Love it best with the petal flare shorts. ✌🏻️

Comes in 4 colours – White, Black, Watermelon Pink and Indigo!

Having a major dilemma over which colours to keep.


I want either Watermelon Pink or Indigo. White and Black goes without saying. πŸ˜‚

And this.

The Magnolia Chiffon Shorts.

Every year also must bring back. Hahah. We will check the waiting list every few months and discuss if we should open (yet another) backorder or wait and see. I'm very amazed at how long lasting this design is, actually. Always in disbelief at how long the waiting list gets.

If you're observant enough, this is the floral version of the Petal Flare Shorts! Idk how come we ended up calling them different names though.

If you already own the Malibu Top and the Magnolia Chiffon Shorts, well done! πŸ‘πŸ» Hahaha but don't worry still got other items for you to buy ok?

Never getting sick of this print!

Gonna leave office soon!

We always take our own sweet time when it comes to going home from work because slacking and doing random things like updating Dayre and scrolling through IG at the office feels quite shiok sometimes.

I know I'm weird…. But I don't like long weekends. Or PHs of any kind, in fact.

Shipments get delayed and workflow gets disrupted. Which can be very frustrating. And everywhere is so crowded I just feel like staying home. πŸ˜‘

But obviously my staff don't feel the same way so we still give them their PHs la. Hahahah.

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