Woke up in good mood today and ready to take on the long weekend!


Had an early breakfast meetup with my squash babes at Rokeby Bistro.

We met around 10.30am and only left at erm, 1pm. Hahaha. This is what happens when we haven't caught up with one another for a few months.

Also made a date with them to go wakeboarding. Woohoo can't wait!!

I was initially worried because I cannot swim….. But they assured me that I don't need to know how to swim in order to wakeboard. We'll see. Hopeully I don't drown. Lol.


Forever looking happy when we bring her out. But actually… She hates going on car rides. Hahaha I think she only looks happy because pant too hard = tongue sticks out.

We're bringing her for a swim!!

Can't wait even though I think she confirm hate it one. Hahaha. Her most dreaded time is BATH TIME. So… Swimming should feel like bath time to her as well.

But I hope she will enjoy it later!


Hehehe her first attempt!

How cute!!

Andddd she enjoys swimming quite a bit! What a surprise. Hehe. So proud of my princess!

Done with her swim and undergoing her most dreaded activity after bathing – blow drying.


She looks like a little rat after bathing because her fur is wet!

Gonna upload more pictures later because my camera died halfway just now. 😐

We used this dog wash machine to bath and blow dry her!

$10 for 10 minutes and you can continue inserting $1 to extend another minute.

On hindsight, we should have brought her to a grooming centre just right beside the pool because they only charge $23 for bathing and blow dry!

Instead, we spent $12 on the machine. Still need to self service and in the end Xiaobai still not entirely dry. Bahhh.

δΈ€δΈͺ小ε€ͺη›‘εœ¨ζœδΎζ Όζ Ό

Hahahha. Seriously ah. One tiny dog go swimming need 4 life guards. Got ε€§η‰Œ anot??

Crazy hair don't care!

Forgot to bring her comb so @jongsy had to sacrifice her own. Hahaha.

Her fur is impossible to comb. We gave up eventually! Gonna bring her home to give her a comb down.

For those of you who want to bring your furkids for a swim, this place is called Sunny Heights!

$14 for an hour and $5 deposit for the rental of the life vest.

Some dogs went without the life vest because they already can swim!

We only went for 1 hour because our weak little dog cannot swim for long one. Hahaha. And true enough, she was tired after maybe 40 minutes?

Would advise you to bring along some towels to dry your dog if you're not planning to send it for grooming there.

If you want to accompany your dog in the pool, wear shorts and slippers! And a sleeveless top would be good because it's totally exposed with zero shelter zzz. So sunny just now and I was wearing the Ralph Boyfriend Shirt. Sweat fest ok. Luckily I wore shorts instead of jeans!!

This is the place!

With the address too. 😊

Funny sign spotted!

You can check for the swimming pool rates again from @jongsy's Dayre! She has the specific prices noted down for dogs of different sizes/weights.


Funniest photo of the day!!

These 2 fatties were like…. "Save us dear lord, we cannot swim anymore!!" Hahaha hanging on for their dear lives on the ledge of the pool.

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