I always feel a little lost when weekends come around.

I know most people loveeee their weekends. And I do too. But sometimes having too much free time on my hands can get a bit annoying because I don't know what to do.

At least during weekdays, I have some sort of routine and I already know what to expect.

It's like a love/hate relationship with weekends.

Realised that I haven't been updating my #ootd photos on Dayre this week.

So here goes!

Already did quite a lot of colours for our Blanc but cannot resist doing them in stripes…. Especially since we found a really nice crepe polyester which is flowy and light enough.


Brought my mum out the other day for Mother's Day brunch with @jongsy minus @jessaiee.

Dressed her up in the other colour of the Blanc! Heheh.

She's damn small size ok. If you notice, she's wearing super sky high wedges and yet I still look taller than her.


Mum's ootd. Heheh.


And we're launching a slouchy fit blouson this Sunday tooooo.

So perfect for a beach holiday. Or a weekend by the beach.


Love this so much we had to keep it in 3 colours.


Yay mission kidnap @jongsy to Batam secretly was a success!!! Hahahaha.

No thanks to me.

I'm so bad at surprises ok. Just yesterday, I accidentally blurted out that we had a group chat for her brunch today. In the end had to lie and say I forgot to add her in because she's always with me. LOL.

And this morning I almost ruined her surprise YET again because I happily talked in the group chat (which she was in) about her going to Batam.


It was a good thing that she was sitting in the living room while her phone was charging in the room just right beside me.

I don't know why but the second I sent the messages, I realised.

Grabbed her phone, unlocked and deleted the messages.


I know, I suck.

Also had to wake up early this morning so that I can secretly pack her stuff for the trip without making her suspicious.

So stressed to pack for someone else omg.

I hope I managed to pack everything, @jongsy!! Hahaha. If don't have also too bad already.

Our location for today's #TTRhappyhour!

Fabulous Baker Boy.

Fabulous cakes and food but not so fabulous service.

The servers were rude and unhelpful and it dampened our experience a little. We ordered 6 main dishes.. And while waiting for our main dishes, I ordered another 3 cakes. Server A looked at me doubtfully without a smile or any hint of friendliness and said "are you sure you want to order 3? It is very filling you know."

Had to ask for candle twice from her as well.

Here comes the best part…

When she served the cakes, she asked if we still wanted our main dishes (we were mostly done but still got some food on the plates).

So we told her that she can clear them off the table and she proceeded to roll her eyes at us.



Then ok I thought better not get her to take group photo for us still she so attitude.

Asked server B for help and server B said "sorry I'm busy now". Then stared at me.

Taking a photo or even two only takes like 5 seconds? Max?

And everyone was already standing in position for the photo. Not like she has to wait for us or what right…….

So ended up server A was the one who helped us take the photo. Again without any smile.

The food is really good but the service is one of the worst I've experienced at any cafe or F&B establishment.


But if you're lucky then you might not experience what we had today…

I didn't remember my first visit to be like this at all!

Ordered the raspberry white chocolate cake, salted caramel cake which looks like a chocolate cake and the apple cider cake!

All were nice and moist but my favourite will always be the raspberry one.

Birthday girl with the cakes!

And server A was so wrong. We DID finish the cakes, and not just to prove a point lor. Hahaha. Really finished!

Chilli crab mac n cheese, cheese pancakes and salmon eggs ben.

Really no complaints about the food. Just the service.

The perfectly round poached eggs are so cute. How do they even do it???

Pancakes which exceeded all expectations!


Random picture I took after attending an event today.

Sometimes I wonder why human beings cannot just be contented. Sometimes I believe that contentment leads to happiness.

Don't you think?

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