Waking up early on weekends should be made illegal.

I didn't make any plans for today so I had the blissful luxury of sleeping and waking without the rude buzzing of an alarm.

Woke up with not a single soul in the house so I'm now out to grab some food.

Outfit from the other day.

I'm very bad at keeping track of days. Hahaha. Can't remember what happened on which day for nuts. Luckily I have Dayre to help me remember general stuff that went on throughout the week!

Really love this pair of skorts because it pairs so well with many tops which I have.

The box pleats are super cute too!

Matched my outfit with the Guy Laroche watch which was kindly sponsored to mum and I for Mother's Day.

In fact, I've been wearing it almost every day of the week because the black and silver combination is so awesome and matches so effortlessly with my outfits.


Kept the skorts in White, Navy and Yellow. Heheh still thinking about the Pink!!

We've actually used this pair of skorts to match with some tops previously during photoshoots. And received some emails asking about it.

Yay, finally got down to launching it this weekend. Don't miss it!

Posting this picture up from yesterday's Bio-essence event because this girl @mongabong is super efficient.

Commented 10 seconds ago on her Dayre and she sent it via iMessage at the speed of light. Hehe. Thank youuuu!

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