My Day In Stickers

When I have a deadline to meet for a blogpost and Flickr just REFUSES to cooperate with me.


Technology can be so exasperating sometimes!


Always seem to have endless things to check off my to-do-list on the week I have to fly off for work trip.

Gonna be a really short week because we're flying off on Thursday instead of our usual Friday.

Go go go me!


My day hasn't even officially started but I'm already looking forward to the end of the day. Hahahah.

In fact, can we fast forward to the end of work trip and start from there please?


Ok ok gotta snap myself out of this limbo and get movin'!!!

Today's lunch time dilemma – teh peng or plain water?

I always try to watch my meals on the week I'm flying off for work because my supplier has a keen eye for telling when I gain the slightest bit of weight. And she's very straightforward. Hahahah.

#stressed #motivationtoloseweight

Ok I choose plain water.


My brain has officially taken a leave of absence.

I was texting Val just now and asking her what time is she going to reach for photoshoot.

And she sent me a screenshot of me asking her to come tomorrow noon for the shoot.

So now tomorrow got 2 photoshoots. πŸŽ‰ Why do I always do this to myself?

Time for some #ootd updates since I'm doing nothing on a cab. Might as well. Hahaha.

Plain tank tops are always good for days I don't know what to pick from the wardrobe.

This just made it into my list of staples.

It comes with the prettiest v back design too!

And I had a few of you asking me about a black backpack I always carry… So we went to source for something similar to bring in.

Found it in a different material (mine's suede) but comes in 2 colours! I'm carrying the slate grey and it also comes in black. πŸŽ‰

Was very happy when this dress arrived in the shipment because it makes a nice weekend dress!

Loving my hair bun today because it's extra big and poofy! πŸ’¨

Ok I'm getting dizzy from typing on a swerve-y cab. Ttyl!

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