Another 8 boxes of shipment came today and it makes me a very happy person.

My to-shoot rack is full again and I can finally stop hounding my factory to send out the stocks. Something which I have gotten very good at recently because they have been reallyyyy slow at producing the new designs due to our backorders.

Even though unpacking of shipment is back breaking work, I'm always more than willing because it feels like receiving a lot of presents at one go.


It feels like when you receive your online shopping purchases but x 10 the excitement.

Provided that the factory didn't screw up any thing.

I was feeling a little stressed the past couple of weeks because I was soooo afraid that new stocks would run out but I can finally sleep a little bit better at night now!


And now I gotta go get ready for photoshoots. Byeeee for now!!

Today's outfit. Hahahah. Just now during photoshoot, Val was like "omg stripes again you not sick of it yet ah!"

Honestly…. Not yet.


Now my love for stripes has transcended into pinstripes as well.

Get ready ok?

Because we have quite a few designs in pinstripes. Hahaha.

Ok maybe slightly more than quite a few.

Is it just me or the weather recently a bit too crazily humid???


But anyway…. This comes in grey too! I thought I might be overdoing my grey outfits recently so decided to wear white out. Thought it made a good choice even though grey was love at first sight for me because it looks so good paired with a black top!

By the way… If you're in need of some midweek shopping, we're giving an additional 10% off all sale items on the website!

Valid till 20 May but don't wait till all the good stuff are gone! 💨

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