May Work Trip

What is it about soft white sheets and fluffy pillows which make people want to stay in bed forever?

Had a change of hotel this work trip and although I much prefer the deco and ambience of the previous hotel, this hotel wins in terms of location and accessibility.

The staff are also a lot friendlier somehow.

Hokays gotta get out of the hotel and hunt for some food before beginning our first day proper! More updates later if 4G is being good.

Finally found 翠华! Favourite place to dine at in HK.

Hopefully the food standard is up to mark here too!

My connection is being inexplicably sucky and I'm leeching on @jongsy's phone nao.




Never thought I would get to drink this on my work trip. Hehehe.

But but but they were sold out on their crispy bun with condensed milk. WHYYYYY.

Tasted just like how it did when I had it in HK.

Good food makes me feel like I'm on a holiday trip instead of a work trip. Hahaha. But I guess once we step out of the mall then it's back to reality.


We settled for their bo luo bun and omggggg it tastes as good.


In bo luo bun heaven right now, brb.

Just done with sourcing for bags and so happy that we found some really chio ones!!


Sourcing can be quite fun although we have to walk a lot…. Basically it is just another form of shopping to me. Hahaha. So it's a good thing that I am so awesome at buying things, I guess.

Putting my talent in shopping to good use. Heh.

I have no idea why my connection sucks so bad this time. I feel so handicapped and unable to do anything on my phone.

Sometimes even trying to update Dayre or load my whatsapp messages are a chore. Don't even need to say Instagram okkkk. Trying to upload one picture takes me about 20-30 tries. Makes very good patience training wtf.


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