10000 things to do today because @jongsy and Auds are both away having the time of their lives in BKK and Korea respectively.

And also because I let my work pile up slightly while I was away on a work trip.

Sigh pie. But cannot blame anyone because I ownself procrastinate. Hahaha.

Managed to convince @jessaiee and @clarayapweiwei to eat Kin Kin with me (because I really want to eat my pistachio gelato!).

Not like they have any say though. I was the driver.


Have been slacking off Dayre for the past few days because nothing much to update during work trip. We just work and eat as much good food as we can to make ourselves feel better about working our weekend away. Hahaha.

Always order the same still needa take photo. Hahahah.

But hey this time a bit different, I poked the yolk!

Ventured out of my comfort zone today and tried Horlicks.

Hahahah. But Pistachio still wins.

@jessaiee tried Pistachio (I made her) and loved it!!


@clarayapweiwei's Roasted Tea is nice toooo. Not too sweet!

Every time we come for Kin Kin and gelato, we ALWAYS get caught in the rain when we are about to head back. Hahaha. Must be this @clarayapweiwei 扫把星, next time don't bring you already.

Yesterday's outfit…. I don't usually wear pants because I much prefer shorts or jeans. And also because it is harder to find pants which are high waisted.

But recently I've been loving the pants look! And decided to manufacture a pair of pants which is high waisted so that I can wear them with my cropped tops too. Hehe.

Finally here's something that OLs definitely can wear for work. Now my friends can stop bugging me to sell something that they can buy and wear for work. 😂

Did it in a grand total of 2 variations and 5 colours!

Solid colours come in nude pink, black and grey.

Pinstripes colours come in grey and black!

Super spoilt for choice so I decided to skip the dilemma altogether and kept all 5. Heheh. 😬

Hexagonal shades coming up soon too!

It was a by-the-way thing from my personal shopping when I was on my work trip. Hahaha. Wanted to buy some shades for myself but then they said only for wholesale so I conveniently brought some in for TTR too.


20% off storewide at Sephora for their Black card members!


This @bbernice is a bad friend. Hahaha she told me about it yesterday and today we went for a shopping spree already.

Bank is crying now but yay got good deals!

And @nakedglory is forever telling me about ASOS and Forever21 and whatnot sales. I don't even need to keep my eyes open for sales. Hahaha.

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