Things I grabbed from the Sephora 20% sale!

I really tried to not buy too much BUT 20%!!!!! 😫 This was the least I could manage, really. Hahaha.

You all should go stock up on your essentials. I think the prices after discount is still cheaper than DFS at the airport. That's what I tell myself.


Realised that Porefessional now comes in a humongous tube. Since I already finished 2 of the normal sized tubes and the larger size is likely to be more economical (right?? I assume la), I got it.

It's one of my favourite primers and really does help to minimise the pores after you slap foundation on top of this. Foundation also goes on more easily after application of this!

Got this because I remembered @nakedglory mentioning that it's good. Haven't used it yet so I cannot recommend you all to buy. Hahaha.

Didn't get this from yesterday's sale but if you're going to buy something, get this!!

My favourite exfoliating mask and it smells SO GOOD. Smells like the coke gummy. Hahah.

And my skin always feels very smooth after usage! πŸ˜‡ I have the lip version for this as well. If you're into lip care. Works as miraculously as this!

Got this because @bbernice says she has been using and it's good…. But hmm I wonder if I got a bad one because the lines came out really faint and watery and unlike the tester I tried yesterday.

Why like this.


Edited: the eyeliner now works fine after shaking it vigorously 20 times and storing it upside down for 10 mins. Hahaha.

Lancome lippy in 120 I think…. Don't have it with me now but I like it cos the colour is quite obvious but it's moisturising at the same time. Wouldn't say it's a lipstick but maybe a cross between a lip balm and a lipstick.

And a random Givenchy perfume because it's the kind of smell which I like.

I'm very picky about perfumes because some smells give me headaches. I don't like floral/musky ones. This is surprisingly not very floral-y even though it says so on the bottle!


Pants in Pinstripes!!

Lazy to wear heels today so sneakers it was. I think that if you pair it with a pair of pumps or heels, this outfit would be good for work!

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