Can't believe that I will be flying off to the land of sushi in less than 48 hours' time. For some reason I got the dates mixed up in my head and thought that I was going next week instead. Hahaha.

Thanks to @jongsy and @nakedglory who asked me about money exchange today, I checked the dates again. And urps…. My luggage is not even unpacked from my work trip yet.


So many places to see in this world, so many things to be achieved.

But time is always limited.

Owells. It's 2am now and I should stop my random train of thoughts and also stop talking to myself on Dayre. Hahaha.

Need my luggage to pack itself.

Someone should invent a self packing luggage. Hahaha. Confirm can sell!!

Not feeling the excitement set in yet because it still feels slightly unreal that I'm going to be flying off in about 14 hours' time.

Will share more pictures and happenings on Dayre once I'm there! Hopefully we can rent a wifi device at the airport. Anyone knows if we can?

After hours of struggle, my luggage is FINALLY packed! 🎉

After I post the full preview on FB, I can finally start getting excited about the trip. Hahaha. Slow or what.

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