Today's lunch is makisan!

So hungry that I nommed half of it before remembering to take a photo.

Have a good Friday, everyone!!!


Feeling a little bit lost at work today because @jongsy is STILL not back from BKK and there's no one to remind me of the things I need to keep track of. And no one else knows how exactly I want my OOTDs to be like! I feel like I'm missing a limb or something.

快点回来 @jongsy!

Hahahaha. Being annoying here because obviously she deserves to enjoy her holiday. But I ish needy.


Hokays! Time to update my OOTDs before I scoot off for dinner later.

This high neck flare top is easily one of the most effortless pieces I have in my wardrobe. Similar to the Blanc Swing Top but comes with a slightly higher neckline which makes you seem a bit more dressed up even if you pair it with a casual pair of bottoms.

We are also restocking the mink basic top in old + new colours this Sunday!

Wore it with the Klein Palazzo Pants which makes the body proportion look insanely good as always.

Kept Peach and Navy this time round from the new colours. Kept extras for White and Black because we're always losing our basic pieces for god-knows-what-reasons.

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