Osaka Day 1

Spent 12 hours of my life on flying to Osaka yesterday. We flew on promo fare so we can't really complain… But it was the longest flights I've been on and the service provided by the Cathay Pacific crew didn't exactly made it better.

Flew by Cathay before so I kinda had expectations but this time round it was pretty bad.

I had to request for a blanket 3 times with the same stewardess. And I think I was not the only passenger facing the same problem.


Like.. Yes I get it that you're busy and I can wait. But the air stewardess just looked at me blankly even though I gave her a look which says "remember my blanket?" when she walked down the aisle with nothing in her hands a few minutes after I made my request. Urgh.

Our transit in HK was delayed for 2 hours due to bad weather conditions.

And after the transit, there were no movies on the entertainment system at all!


Yes it's a short flight from HK to TPE and TPE to JPN.

But you have passengers flying throughout? So it doesn't make sense to make us watch random tv shows for the 4 hours of combined flight from HK to JPN right wtf.

Anyway, thanks to the delay during transit, all the wifi device rental shops were closed by the time we reached the airport at 11pm. 😭 I can only depend on the highly unstable hotel wifi for the trip.

Ok enough rants and on to happier things – FOOD!

Combed the Family Mart after we checked in. Was about 1am so all the other eateries around us were pretty much closed.

We walked in and we ended up spending the next 20 minutes or so staring at their food and wondering how the Japanese make even a convenience store look SO GOOD. Never been so indecisive my whole life before over what to eat.

Hahaha. It's like… I wanna buy the entire store back to the hotel.

I had the chicken wrap thing and it tasted even better than it looks. Possible meh???

I thought convenience store food are supposed to be shitty! Haha. But no okayyy everything we bought were so impressive. @nakedglory was like "maybe we hungry or something how come everything taste so good?!"

Level of impressiveness – 10000000

The vegetables in the wrap tasted like it was just directly harvested from the farm or something. Super fresh please.

Crazily good omu rice. The rice inside is not normal white rice okay. It's orange coloured tomato flavoured rice. Japan why you so awesome??!



The drinks also need to look so good.

We haven't even been out eating on the streets and I'm 150% sure that the food is going to be awesome this trip already. Hahaha.

Not to mention.. The weather is damn shiok also. Like 20 deg yesterday when we arrived. Definitely going to miss it when I'm back in ultra humid SG. Hahaha.

We're heading to USS today and I am super excited because they have Harry Potter world! That was the whole reason which sparked off the trip. Hahahah.

I was trying to finish re-reading the entire series for the 5th time but only managed to finish the Chamber of Secrets.

My favourites are the Goblet of Fire (love the triwizard tournament!!) and The Half-Blood Prince. Hehe. Can't wait for later!

Bummed that I don't have wifi on the go though. πŸ˜” Hopefully they have free wifi at tourist spots!





This @nakedglory looked at me and went "wahlao got people so excited over wifi one meh" hahahahha. Really got leh.

She's excited over USS while I'm excited over wifi. Lol.

Selfie on the train because wifi is awesome. Heheh.


We thought we were going to be watching some cool 4D show called Evangelion. But everything is in Japanese and the staff can't really speak English… We ended up watching Sesame Street 4D instead. πŸ˜‚

Doesn't help that the entire show was in Japanese too. Hahaha brains couldn't take it and we both fell asleep at some point.

But the super cool indoor space roller coaster we took after this made up for it! Super thrilling and pretty la the ride!! Total amazeballs.

All the USJ 4D/3D shows are dubbed in Japanese oh god. Just went for Terminator 3D and I slept throughout. Doesn't help that I haven't gotten enough sleep for the past 2 nights.


Lesson learnt – no more theatre shows else I'm gonna fall asleep in USJ and not wake up till the park closes.

Okayy the roller coaster just woke me up. Hahaha. But apparently my brain is not functioning anymore because I just had the same convo twice with @nakedglory.

Me: wanna go q for the ride again?
Yoko: maybe later after we exit the harry potter world, else we will miss our entry time.

Less than 1 min later at the locker…

Me: why are we taking our stuff I thought we queuing again?

Yoko: we just had this convo 1 min ago 😰

Super duper cute minion chocolates and cookies!


Wanna buy them home but…. Do they taste nice? Hahaha. Anyone tried before??


I just alighted from Hogwarts Express and arrived at Hogwarts!


Wandering around Hogsmeade right nao. Hehehe.


Getting us some butterbeer!


Guess what!

A minion popcorn tub!!!!

Don't worry @jongsy I didn't buy this cos I scared you scold me. Hahahah. This is Yoko's!!


You can open the back of minion's head when you feel like eating popcorn. Hahahaha. The design is way too cute. Self control level 999 to not buy this ok!!

So many people walking around with it!

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