Osaka Day 2

Had the best sleep ever in ages. Slept through from 10pm till 8am and only woke up in the middle of the night once, checked my phone and went back to sleep.

Now I'm awake and ready to contribute to figuring out directions today.

Poor Yoko had to do most of the figuring out yesterday because my brain fell asleep after Sesame Street yesterday. Hahahah. Whenever she asked me anything that requires thinking I just gave her a blank face. FHL.

Today's grab and go breakfast from convenience store!

Will never get sick of wandering around their convenience stores because there is just so much food to try. I don't even think we can manage to try everything if we have all our meals there for the duration of our trip. Hahaha. If you're a budget traveller and are worried about having to spend too much on food in Japan, Lawson/Family Mart/7-11 is your best bet. πŸ˜‚

My mentaiko onigiri!!

I was super determined to eat mentaiko-anything at least once this trip. Yay, objective achieved! Hahaha.

Forgot how much this cost but I paid 378 yen for this plus the drink. Which is about $4.20SGD!

Excited about where we're heading to now!


Anddddd we're at the owl cafe!!

It isn't that hard to find surprisingly. We alighted at the Minami-morimachi (their station names are horribly confusing btw) station and basically followed wherever Google Maps led us.

They only open at 12pm so we have another 10 minutes of wait to go. Wheee. I hope no owls poop on me later.


Ice cream and phones are keeping us occupied. Hehe. Ttyl when I have more pictures of the owls!

Lol at the first sentence.

"Owls don't care how many pictures you take."

#okcan #spampicturesonly

The first owl we interacted with. Hahaha this was the closest we dared to go because it looked a bit pissed off. Like we were disturbing it too early in the morning or something.

Has a really pretty heart shaped face and looks different from other owls!

All the owls have names… But all in Jap so we didn't catch all the names. Only know that there was a small owl called Wasabi hahahahah.

This was the biggest owl in the cafe!

Me and my BFF. Hahaha. I only put my face there for like 5 seconds because I was afraid that it was going to turn towards my face and peck my eyes off for being insolent.

But ok honestly the owls were all quite calm except sometimes they fall off your arm and start flapping crazily.

Say hello to Wasabi!

Hehe. You can put the smaller owls on your hand/shoulder/head. I didn't do the head because I was super afraid that it would poop on my head!

Yoko snapped this candid photo of me when the owl on my hand started pecking at me.

I was like "omg why is it pecking at my hand i'm going to have a hole in my hand leh can somebody help me" and hence the freaked out face.

Not painful though. I was just shocked when it started doing that. Hahaha.

On hindsight my expression looks too funny so I decided to post this up as requested by Yoko. Lol!

At the Kaiyukan Aquarium now being mesmerised by floating jellyfishes which act like disco lights. Heheh.

Prettyy! 😍😍😍

Can't get enough!

My friend wants to get this sotong bag. Please go and scold her leh πŸ‘‰πŸ» @nakedglory

Today is animal day for us!


It looks mighty crossed though. Hahah. As if it might spit at me any time.

Here's another one because it's not every day you get to take a #selfiewithalpaca.


Just had some yummy takopachi and now we're at this pancakes cafe.

On holiday = non stop eating leh really.

Because our phones running out of juice and we desperate.


Decided to get this portable charger which runs on AA batteries because our phones were dying on us and we had to route our way back to the hotel using maps.

After we bought this, we walked about 10 steps and saw our hotel. Damn joke. Hahaha. But anyway, think this is a good buy because I always forget to charge my portable charger before bringing it out.

This is also the first item I have bought on my trip. Which is a big achievement ok. I think @jongsy would be proud of me! Hor? Hehehe.

Waiting for our phones to charge before heading out to hunt for dinner. @nakedglory said we are eating like 5 meals a day but I think 6-7 meals more like it. LOL.

Wandered into a drugstore and got completely stuck in here for the past 30 minutes.

How does anyone walk out of here empty handed??

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