Osaka Day 3

We're slacking at the hotel now before heading out because we didn't pack ourselves with too many activities today.

Shall show you some of the things I bought from the drugstore yesterday!

Honestly I bought this because the packaging chio. Hahaha. I did use hair products from this particular Japanese brand before and really liked them. And this was the last one left on the shelf.


This is supposed to make your hair curls stay on longer if you apply it before you start curling.

Dollywink eyeliner which is about $10 cheaper than in SG according to @nakedglory.

I haven't tried their eyeliners before so I bought the brown one to try!

Interesting facial wash in powder form. I didn't buy this but Yoko did! It feels like it would be really convenient for travelling though. Maybe I should buy? Hahahah.

And my friend bought a packet of Pokemon plasters.

You may now proceed to judge her.

Our faces when we realised that we didn't bring the wifi device out with us.

I wanted to upload something on Dayre and realised that there was no connection. Checked with Yoko and yupp, we left the most important object of our travel in the hotel room.

Desperate much? #willdiewithoutwifi

Anyway, we had to leave the room already so I didn't show everything that we bought. If we buy more stuff today I'll post more!

Random pastry we bought from a random shop just because it looks so dainty and cute.

The texture takes some getting used to but I like it though!

Dinner we had on our second night in Osaka.

Hole in the wall ramen shop which turned out to be pretty good! Actually quite awesome but then everything in Japan is. So must maintain a bit.

Vending machine which we didn't get to use because we noob. The ojisan told us to order straight from him. Lol.


I don't think I can ever go back to Ajisen Ramen during work trips anymore, @jongsy.

Life changing gyoza which was SO GOOD.

Our first stop every single day for breakfast – featuring @nakedglory doing her favorite pose.

Hahaha. The Lawson here is damn cool though, they have a seating area outside with wooden tables and chairs and shade!


I got 3 drinks because apparently I can't make up my mind whether I want to drink green tea latte/calpis/oolong tea.

Yesterday's lunch was this cheesy beef bowl from a random shop on our way to the aquarium!!

Again, above average like most of the other food we've had so far.

Even this random matcha ice cream cone we got on impulse from Lawson looks pretty. How can??!

Seeking refuge from the heat inside F21!

The weather turned super warm today. Saddd.

Wandering around Dotonburi and basically just 2 words to summarise what we did for the entire of today – EAT + SHOP.

It's really food on our minds/in our mouths every time we're not doing any shopping.

Love the vibrant colours at Dotonburi!

The hugeass signboards look really awesome. So far we saw a gigantic crab, gigantic octopus, gigantic hand holding a sushi, gigantic pufferfish and basically gigantic everything.

And now I'm gonna show you the food that we ate today.

You have been warned. We really stuffed our faces silly today. Hahaha.

Random cute popsicle from vending machine!


Why go to Singapore then become so mediocre??? I don't even eat Yoshinoya in Singapore but we had second helpings of this beef bowl just today alone wtf. Eat like it's free.

You can choose to add an onsen egg to your beef bowl… And so we did!

Check out the insane crowd!

While walking around waiting for food to digest.

Finally found the famous Glico running man signboard!

Belgian waffles.

Some of their flavours come on a stick like a popsicle which is really cute! But sadly our Maple flavoured one didn't.

Then more food.

Random pretty cafe space we chanced upon.

The Japanese are amazing. I think only they can make food both look and taste exquisite.

Paparazzi shot by @nakedglory. I swear she is slowly building up a collection of photos featuring me and my camera.

She says that anytime she cannot find me, I'll be at some corner taking photos. Which is true most of the time.


So beat after one entire day of non stop walking and eating and walking and eating some more.


Yoko: are you dayre-ing like right now???"

Me: ya….

Yoko: knew it! Whenever you go quiet for a while means you dayre-ing.


Convincing @jongsy that her sister is not a horrible shopaholic afterall.

HAHAHAHA. I need to show you all pictures of the floats. It's x100 more judge-worthy than the Pokemon plasters.

This is the watermelon float.

Ok la this one I give it to her because it is at least cute….. And only 300 yen. Which is about $3SGD?

This is the squid float. How out of this world is this thing???

Buy it on holiday somemore.

Quick somebody give her the "best at buying ridiculous things on holiday" award already!

Oh okay before I scoot off for the night, here are some photos of the dress I wore today! Launching it this Sunday on TTR. I really would have worn the white one if not for the fact that @jongsy brought it with her to BKK.

Took this in the F21 changing room. Hahaha.

Black is also nice but usually I pick white > black.

Favourite part of the dress is of course the back details!

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