Osaka Day 4


It's 6.34am now and we're up because we want to head to Endo Sushi recommended by @shirlynn. Read up on some reviews about it online and it looks great! Having sashimi for breakfast later. Hehe.

It's our last full day here in Osaka and we're trying to make the best out of it without taxing ourselves too much because we gotta wake up even earlier tomorrow for our 9.20am flight. Which means we gotta wake up around 5.30am. Which is 4.30am SG time.

Thank you all for being so nice with all the recommendations!!

Sadly we weren't able to explore all of them but we did Don Quijote (recommended by @everythingsushi) yesterday! It's basically like a Japanese version of Sg's Mustafa Centre I would say..

Pictures all in my camera so maybe will show you guys later when I'm free!

Family Mart all day, everyday.

Anyway, the weather here is getting a bit warm so I would recommend summer clothings (basically what you would wear in SG) if you're heading here soon!

Onwards to Endo Sushi @ Osaka Central Fish Market!

Weather looks good but we cannot stop sweating because forever no shelter wherever we walk. Whyyyyy. The sun is so strong even in the morning!

Check out the super long q!


Andddd there are so many Singaporeans here. Meh. Hahaha. No wonder got q!

I thought we were early but apparently not early enough.

Photo taken by @nakedglory under the category of her Joycefish photos.


We ended up queueing for about 1.5 hours for Endo Sushi. A bit 夸张 but since we were there already we decided to just queue and see if the sushi indeed lives up to the hype.

Sushi is pretty awesome but I wouldn't queue 1.5 hours again for it!! I don't like the idea of queuing for food because the longer the queue is, the higher your expectations become.

Then when you finally put the food into your mouth, it might just fall short of expectations.

Right?? No?

Ok la but if you're cool about queuing and want to try really good sushi, go try!

Highly recommend the uni and toro even though they are not what I usually order in Sg. Salmon was surprisingly mediocre.

Had a fun time at the instant ramen museum customising our own ones!!


Exploring Osaka today in the Bravery Tie Front Skirt…

In stripes!


Yepp, stripes again. #stripesfanatic #cantstopwithstripes #crazyaboutstripes

Forgot to post this up yesterday – mega cute sushi singlet I got for Xiaobai!

Hehehe. I am always tempted to get her clothes when I see shops selling them on my travels. Go Bangkok, buy. Go Seoul, buy. Go Taiwan, buy. So how I can miss out on buying when I'm in Japan right???

Gonna make her wear and pose for ootd when I get back, hahaha.

They have cute kimono ones too but she already has a few of those!

And I thought the singlet would be more wearable on a daily basis. Comes with cute embossed sushi details made of felt. Material is made of soft cotton jersey, ptp 6" across length 12" down.



Just had the best beef slices of my life. 😭


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